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Knightsquire is a short AGS adventure game made by Buloght in 2005. It has been inspired by the Gobliiins series. The gameplay depends on switching between the main two characters.

It was made in a small size of 870.4 KB.


The princess is kidnapped, and the knight is sent on a mission to rescue her, and he depends on his squire for simple tasks.


  • 80%, reviewed by Robert Libsansky
  • Clubic: 8/10, reviewed by Ruschev
  • 80%, reviewed by Lokuth574
  • Adventure-Island: 9/10 reviewed by dave
  • 3/5

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated for four awards in AGS Awards 2006, and won one award as best short game. The other categories are:

  • Best gameplay
  • Best payable character (knight and squire)
  • Best character art
AGS Awards for Knightsquire
Cedric and the Revolution Best Short Game

in the year 2006

Succeeded by

Murder In a Wheel