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LGM, also known as LilGryphMaster is a long time community member on the AGS board.

If you would like to see LGM's blog and other related information regarding him, you can visit LilGryphMaster's Gallery here.

LGM was once, no twice...wait, make that thrice mistaken for being Andy Milonakis.

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Get to Know LGM A Little Better

  • From the About Me section of his website:

My name is Andrew Edmark, and I should warn you right now that I am not a very exciting person. Although this is sad, it is a very very true fact. Yes, I do have a website with links to my art and writings and such… But I personally cannot call that interesting.

If the first paragraph hasn’t scared you away, then you are now, in fact, reading the second paragraph. You should know now that I can be quite interesting at some points in time. I try to be interesting as much as I can, thus the reason for creating this website.

On this site, I will try to make daily posts, sometimes two to three times to day if I’m feeling particularly energetic, about my life, the media, or the technical world. Feel free to read them any time you like. In fact, I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed with your favorite news aggregator (I personally prefer Thunderbird) so you can stay up to date with everything I say.

This website is also an outlet for everything I produce on this computer or off. It will mostly be photography and some writings. I hope you can at least try to enjoy whatever you find here. It may not be much, but it’s something you can hopefully be amused by for a short period of time.

Be sure to stay posted regularly, as I’ll always have something remotely interesting to post. If not, there’s probably a meager attempt at it over on my Xanga.

Love, Andrew

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