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LucasArts, or LucasFilm Entertainment Company (LEC), known as LucasFilm Games until 1991, and LucasArts Entertainment Company (LEC) until 2003, was one of the major commercial producers of graphic adventure games, the other one being Sierra On-Line. The company is still active, but no longer creates adventure games.

One of the things that made LucasArts a serious rival of Sierra's was their game philosophy: "Playing games should be fun, and if you have to keep dying and having to restore then that could hardly be called fun." So most of their games (excluding older ones, such as Maniac Mansion) included no walking deads or death situations. They set a standard, in a sense - they showed us how to do it properly, and nowadays inclusion of gratuitous death and walking deads and frowned upon as lousy game design.

Another strong point of LucasArts' games is the dialogue system. Most of their games feature extensive dialogues, sometimes incorporating puzzles, and most importantly allowing the player to pick a response. Many other companies' games only allow a simple "talk" option with one pre-set response, or a list of topics that the player can select (and in general, that the player has to select one by one)

Famous series by LucasArts include:

Famous Games by LucasArts include: