Mittens (lyrics)

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AGS Opera - MITTENS - Lyrics


Hello there good evening my name James Earl Jones, I'm going to sing you a song, get ready, get ready, here we go.

Ooh dap ba shee bap ba daa... That's not actually the song, the song is this:

Every year some men they get together

And they touch each other cos they find it very clever

Any talk of games well it's just a ruse

For the evening activities of SEX and BOOZE

Different countries, the same old sleaze,

They'd love for you to go you just gotta say please!

One year a man, a man named Helm, he touched another...

...and his sister, and his brother!

If you think it's wrong - I suggest you don't go,

Cos you'll be in for a shock when they try and touch your


No-one knows what it means!


Don't forget to pack your jeans!


It's fun but the name is silly!


It's an innuendo, for touching your willy.