Other Worlds

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Other Worlds is a 3rd person point and click adventure game released in 2004 by Greek gamemaker Alkis Polyrakis.

The game is made in size of 24.2 MB.


Natalia is a woman who lives a peaceful life with her boyfriend Alkis. One day, she didn't find Alkis home, but only a note from him tell that he went the spooky old mansion. She decided to go there and look for him.

She found out from the letters of the old mansion owner that there are other worlds, other than ours, and she travels to all of them in order see her boyfriend again. On the way she meets strange people and learns spells.


  • JustAdventure.com – received A rating.
  • JeuxVideoPC.com – received 18/20 rating.
  • Reloaded.org – reviewed by Frodo and received 4.2/5 rating

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated for one category on Best Documentation in 2004, But lost to ben Jordan 3