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Prodigal is a horror AGS game made in 2005 by Benjamin "Trisk" Johnson, Edgar Rocha, Nathan Johnson.


Jacob is a man with stable life, he has a girlfriend and about to be married; though he wasn't the same since his parents died and his brother, Mike, stole their inheritance and disappeared. One day his brother contacted him to apologize and tell him that he is being hunted by a cult.

Jacob decided to forget about it until one day Mike's car was found and he was missing. He searches the woods were Mike went and finds a cabin and begins to look inside it.

The game's size is 45.8 MB and there is a complete walkthrough included by the game makers. It was rated M due to heavy and graphic violence.


  • It was reviewed by DeathDude in Abandonia reloaded and received a rate of 4.7/5 stars.


  • Best Story - Won
  • Best Background Art - Nominated
  • Best Use of Sound - Nominated
  • Best Music - Nominated

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Ben Jordan Case 3 - The Sorceress of Smailholm Best Story

in the year 2005

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