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Shifter’s Box – Outside In is an adventure game made by Ben “Ben304” Chandler in 2009.


A girl named Sally was walking around one day, and found a strange box lying on the ground. Feeling curious, she took a twig to open the box, before being sucked inside it. Sally finds herself in strange worlds. She tries to return home while uncovering the mystery of the box.

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated for ten awards at the AGS Awards, winning in two categories: best short game, and best puzzles, and was nominated in the following categories:

  • Best game made with AGS engine
  • Best gameplay
  • Best original story
  • Best background art
  • Best character art
  • Best animation
  • Best sound effects
  • Best music
AGS Awards for Shifter's Box - Outside In
Beauties and Beasts Best Short Game

in the year 2009

Succeeded by

Eternally Us

Nanobots Best Puzzles

in the year 2009

Succeeded by

The Journey Down: Over the Edge