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Spooks is a black-and-white AGS adventure game in 2006 by Erin “The Ivy” Robinson.

The game is made in a size of 4.9 MB


Mortia the little ghoul is having fun in the Carnage-val, a carnival made for monsters and demons. She wins a goldfish in a dart game and she named it spooks, but the problem that the fish is "alive", which is a prohibited thing, so she tries to hide it from authorities


  • Reloaded.org – reviewed by DeathDude and received 4.8/5 rating
  • Adventure Lantern – reviewed by Thaumaturge and received 80/100 rating
  • The Adventuress – reviewed by Amber and received 4.5/5 rating
  • Gnome’s Lair – received 8/10 rating
  • hrej.cz – reviewed by Tomáš Krajča and received 8/10 rating


  • Best Game - Nominated
  • Best Gameplay - Nominated
  • Best Story - Nominated
  • Best Dialogue Writing - Nominated
  • Best Player Character (Mortia) - Won
  • Best Non-Player Character (Spooks) - Nominated
  • Best Music - Won
AGS Awards for Spooks
Emily Enough: Imprisoned Best Player Character (Mortia)

in the year 2006

Succeeded by

Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!

Apprentice 1 Deluxe Best Music

in the year 2006

Succeeded by

Blackwell Unbound