Submerged - LaSol

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Submerged - LaSol
Music byFerrara
Sound Effects byFreesoundproject
Voiced byWHAM, Baron, TheDeadMeat, others
Testing byLeon
Additional CreditsLeon, Neon, Paolo
Release dateFebruary 28, 2011
German, Dutch, Italian and Finnish translations available
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Submerged - LaSol is a short freeware game, created with AGS. It was created for the MAGS competition of February 2011, in which it competed with Pinback's Beacon and won by a mere single vote.

The game combines elements of traditional point and click adventure games with a more hectic time-based system, in which the game world itself is a ticking timer, which forces the player to think and act fast or face a watery death. While several players reported that the time-based mechanic forced them to play the game several times, occasionally to the players' frustration, the majority of the feedback the game received was highly positive.

The game was also translated into German, Dutch, Italian and Finnish, making it widely available to players from different countries.


LaSol features an all-original soundtrack by Toni 'Ferrara' Caven


The game takes place in 2072, aboard the luxurious man-made island resort of LaSol, and starts a man called Stan Winston, a janitor working aboard the LaSol. On a perfectly normal workday, however, Stan's life gets turned upside down, quite literally, as a terrorist bomb detonates aboard the LaSol, which promptly collapses into the ocean, trapping Stan and many others inside.

Can Stan find a way to call for help and escape before the rising water claims his life?

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