The Odd Sea

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The Odd Sea is an AGS-based game under development by Odd Sea Games. This will be the organization's first release, and a release date has not yet been finalized. Currently, developers hope the game will be released around 2013, although this is tentative. A demo is not yet available.


In the year 1084 B.C., the Greeks defeated Troy for the first time in history. On the return trip, one of the ships, holding men from the kingdom of Iffica (a fictitious city in Greece), was destroyed at sea in a storm. All the crew was lost except for King Isidoros.

King Isidoros manages to make his way to the island of Ogygia, home to the sea nymph Calypso. He makes arrangements with a shipwright to build him a ship to make his way home, where he will find the love of his life still waiting for him so he can propose to her and make her his queen.

Soon after landing at Ogygia, King Isidoros learns of three major problems that he must solve. Firstly, there is a serial killer on the loose in Iffica. Secondly, a new king took his place shortly after he left ten years ago. Thirdly, Calypso will do everything in her immortal powers to prevent King Isidoros from escaping an eternal lovelife her.

Main Characters

King Isidoros, king of Iffica. This is the main character.

Calypso, a sea nymph. Her plans are to hold King Isidoros captive on her island forever so he can be her husband, whereupon she will make him a god.

Slackbeard, an at-large serial killer. He recently moved to Iffica and murdered half the guests at a wedding reception.

Plaquebeard, a Norseman who claimed the throne in Iffica after King Isidoros's departure to Troy.