The Vacuum

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Screenshot of The Vacuum

The Vacuum is the debut game by David Proctor (AKA Makeout Patrol). The most recent version (1.3) as of this writing was created using AGS 3.1 release candidate 1. It was released on August 8, 2008, and is available in English, French, German, and Italian.

Plot Summary

In The Vacuum, you play as Leo Wallace, a student at Aberdeen University who is headed back home to Whitefall for summer with his girlfriend, Averie Piper. As a pair of poor, starving college students, they decide to book a cheap room on a cargo ship that has extra room for passengers on this particular trip. It's a short jaunt - only a day and a half - and it seems as though it should be uneventful. But when a pair of explosions tear through the passenger compartment while the ship is still in the middle of deep space, Leo and Averie must determine exactly what happened, fix the problems, and discover what - or who - caused the explosions in the first place.

Leo must search high and low for information, pay attention to the clues that he finds, and carefully weigh every decision he makes. Based on his actions, his relationships will be altered, justice will be realized (or not), and lives will be saved or lost.


  • Streamlined one-click interface
  • Dynamic storyline with roughly 18 endings
  • Focus on logic and storytelling rather than abstract and incomprehensible puzzles