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Two of a Kind Game made for the AGS Team Challenge, lead by Dave Gilbert. It was nominated for 14 AGS Awards and won 1. It has 2 playable characters, Tim and Tiffany who are twins with different abilities. Tim can levitate and Tiffany can talk with animals. Gilbert released the game in 2004 by Epileptic Fish company, with whom he had released Bestowers of Eternity and The Shivah.


The gameplay depends on switching between the main two characters, as both of them have special powers; Tim has the ability to flow and reach high objects, while Tiffany has the ability to talk with animals and gather information from them. The two characters can be driven to different locations separately, but pressing the “follow” button can bring one of them to the same screen as the other.


The game is set in a town called Bluff City, which was founded on the site of a meteor landing 500 years ago. The early settlers noticed that the children are born with abnormal powers like hiding and shapeshifting and such.

The game was made for ATC contest (AGS Team Challenge), and was done in six weeks. It was inspired by the novel Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card.


Tim and Tiffany Walters are private detectives in Bluff City, and they possess special powers (Tim can float, tiffany can talk to animals). They are hired one day to investigate the theft of a rare crystal that happened in the city museum.


  • 5/5, reviewed by A.J. Raffles
  • AGS Ezine: 92%
  • 81%, reviewed by Vojtech Koubik
  • 70%, reviewed by Minos
  • B, reviewed by Robert Washburne

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated for thirteen awards in AGS Awards 2004, and won only one award as best gameplay. The other categories are:

  • Best game
  • Best original story
  • Best dialogue writing
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best player character (Tim and Tiffany)
  • Best non player characters (Oracle)
  • Best non player characters (Dr. Love)
  • Best background art
  • Best character art
  • Best animation
  • Best programming
  • Best music

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