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Gilbert Cheung joined the actual AGS community some time in around the late 90's. He was only 5 years old back then.

Gilbert Cheung's family comes from Solar System, Space. More accurately, from a planet called Earth. His entire family was born there. He was born Mockocember 35th, 1921B.C. in the lost city of Atlantis undersea. He slept there until September 1974, that he woke up. He then moved to land, which is where he currently lives. He lives with his older brother.

Early AGS years

During his first years, Gilbert Cheung was mostly known for making a list of senseless suggestions and posting it on the boards on the AC/AGS website, he even subscribed to the classic DOSUser mailing-list.

Favourite games

Gilbert always admired the classic adventure games. His favourites, in order, were:

  1. Doom
  2. Super Mario Bros.
  3. Leisure Larry 4 - The missing floppies
  4. Sim Sim - the simulated simulator
  5. Picross
  6. Space Invader
  7. Puckman
  8. Dragon Fantasy IV
  9. Hangman
  10. Tetris

Adventure games were not his only love of Video Games. He also loved playing Action games such as LucasArts' Loom and Sierra's King Quest V.

AGS Awards for Gilbert
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Lifetime Achievement

in the year 2001

Succeeded by

Anthony "Cornjob" Hahn