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Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 18:43 »
I think some of the games I was testing were 16 bit, so that might explain why some were working.

I tried 16-bit game and it had correct colors. So, 32-bit games have incorrect colors for some reason.

Also, that is true that *.exe is also detected by launcher.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 15:08 »
Updated the build, but do not think there is any change (just tidied some code):

I found that Java side of the engine explicitly creates GLES1 context, while AGS now needs GLES2. Need to find out how to setup GLES2 properly.
Of course this means that Java code needs to be changed, and I do not even know how to debug it in case something is wrong.

EDIT: Alright, this does not look like something that may be done as a quick hack. One needs to actually rewrite the thing, import different java libraries, use different classes etc. Which means a person needs to know what to do.
Wish I knew how to compile and debug Java application. Do you need to use Android Studio for that?
I see no better solution than to hire an actual Android developer to help fix this. This is stupid and very inefficient to keep spending time on something I am not skilled with.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 02:41 »
Which games have been used to test? Is it worth me checking one to see if it displays properly versus my game?

Some random games I had there, "All pigs deserve to burn in hell", "Donna: Avenger of Blood", "Last & Furious" (my own game).

You may add "log=1" under "[misc]" in config file, log will probably get created in sdcard/ags.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 01:48 »
Game launcher requires a windows version of game exe, renamed to ac2game.dat to detect a folder.

I found that doing this stopped the app from being able to see the game, I had to do that when I tried the old emulator (Monkey's version) but this time I had to keep it as it's original exe name (with the .exe extension) for the app to be able to see the game.

Well, I don't have exe files in my game folders, but ac2game.dat files. So don't know what is going on. Either way, it is still wrong that it requires actual windows exe there.

Regarding audio problem, this is not error, but warning, and it usually indicates that MIDI is not supported. Try setting "midiid=0" in config to disable MIDI.
For games using MIDI you would need to install DIGMID patches.
It may be also a good thing to silent this error and make it write to the log instead of exploding into player's face.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 01:34 »
My acsetup.cfg has 'driver=OGL' listed under [graphics], is that correct? Is there a specific setup you need in the cfg?
Android port overrides much of the graphic setup, and supposed to take one from other config, set up in App Preferences (although it is limited now, as I mentioned in a post above).

Can we confirm what the steps are needed for putting the game files onto the phone? I'm using the following process (not sure if I'm doing something wrong):
Yes, it should be about like that.

Game launcher requires a windows version of game exe, renamed to ac2game.dat to detect a folder.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 01:12 »
Which is the one I thought you meant, since it was the most recent before your latest post. Anyway, I installed the 14th March one before the 20th one was posted - do you want me to try installing that too?

Yes, it would be good to know to compare how they work.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 00:51 »
I've tried this one and didn't have any colour issues, only problem was being unable to start games where graphics filter is 'undefined'. This didn't happen with every game though, so might be related to some settings not being read correctly?

Weird... color is broken in every game I tried, including 32-bit ones.

Which games did you run?
Also, could you post your config file?

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: Yesterday at 00:34 »
Installing the new (14th March) APK (having never installed a previous one)

14th March? No, that's the old one, the new one is from 20th March.

Engine Development / Re: AGS engine Android port
« on: 19 Mar 2018, 23:53 »
I made another build, but it is not final work, just for the test:

I tried to double check my fix to the certificate error I was having when installing the APK. So I built APK without fixes, and it still installed without errors. This means that the problem was more complicated or related to something different.

I found that even 3.4.0 APK causes installation error if you install it on device with 3.4.1 APK installed. If you uninstall AGS, then install new APK, it works. So maybe it was it. Maybe this error was happening because of installing an APK with the same name which had certain changes in it, unacceptable for "upgrade".

But since no one said whether new APK installs for them, I do not know this for sure.

So, in case latest APK I linked above does not install, you may try this slightly older one and see what happens:

Known issues.

The biggest visible issue right now is that the colors are broken. I have absolutely no idea what could cause this. So, will have to keep comparing with the 3.4.0 code.

Besides that, the App Preferences are partially not applied. Can't tell when it got broken, maybe in 3.4.1, or maybe earlier.
Notably does not work:
- Select renderer (always set to "Software", but software renderer does not work, so it switches to OpenGL in game)
- Scaling (always set to "stretch to whole screen").
and maybe something else.

Engine Development / Re: Test game
« on: 19 Mar 2018, 21:54 »
Has tzachs got any test framework for MonoAGS?

He has autotests, based on NUnit Framework.
I am not sure that is relevant, because MonoAGS does not support AGS scripts or its syntax.

Engine Development / Re: Test game
« on: 19 Mar 2018, 19:55 »

But when will it not be a WIP edition and actually part of the 'Stable' release?

It is not "wip edition", as in separate thing, it is an actual future release.
Usually we leave release for people to test a bit, then fix problems. When there are no big problems, it is called "stable release".

Any news on which release this will finally be in? Is it set for 3.4.1-patch 4 or something?

Already released as WIP version:

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 11:04 »
You probably should not be editing each page individually. As cat mentioned in her post above, there is a template for "manual entry" which supposed appears on every page in manual category:

But, wiki is not interesting to me, I do not want to decide anything about it.

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 10:57 »
Is this the WHOLE MANUAL delivered with the AGS editor in ONE FILE??? That is nice and a great source. But then you'd have to know or learn LaTeX to edit the manual, which is another barrier, but it's like that it seems.

I do not know if this was sarcasm, but having it in one file does not really make it a great source, because it makes it difficult to search and edit.
For that reason the solution that was proposed and discussed long time ago was to change format to something else, even if plain html.
Here is a link to related discussion:
This is where we discussed possible formats, having manual source only in one place, automatic upload to site, and so on.

Since that thread exists I did not want to discuss it here again, because I practically have to repeat myself multiple times. I was posting here for only one reason: trying to update online manual to the latest 3.4.1 version.

Wiki is a separate question. I would not care about it much if lots of people would not rely on it thus sticking to outdated material.

what about this for a start?
What about it?

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 09:35 »
wohah, there is also an outdated manual on the ags server... all the time I was thinking you were talking about this manual-wiki:

I clearly stated what I was talking about, posting the link several times, starting since very first posts in this thread.

just out of curiosity, how would you change stuff in the manual on git?

By learning how to use github and text editor.

These are some unused files that should have been deleted. The actual manual source is in file called "ags.tex" which is a LaTeX document.

General Discussion / Re: Manic Miner for VIC-20
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 08:25 »
Never seen this one tbh, or perhaps don't remember. It looks like wackier version of Lode Runner.

There is something in these old games that make them feel like adventure, regardless of primitive looks and bizzare enemies. Especially if the maze is done right.

There was this ZX Spectrum game I had but could not beat back in early 1990-ies, called "Elven Warrior".
Found a ZX Spectrum emulator few years ago, and I finally was able to complete it. It was surprising to know that it still was interesting to play.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Gameplay video (not mine):

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 08:12 »
to all pages, the old page on ags, the new page on ags, the new page on git please.

Existing manual:
Random page on existing manual:

Current manual source on git:
To build html pages: run run.cmd (may have to install Python 2.7).

Archive containing both versions for comparison:

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 18 Mar 2018, 04:06 »
I pmed this to AGA, but will duplicate it here too.

So, today I tried to upload new manual content to the website, but some issues were found, so had to revert.

1. Pages on website use styles from external css file. While pages generated in repository have embedded css, and they are different (background, font, etc).
2. Pages on website have some additional script for toolbar display.
3. Website manual has additional html pages for contents, index etc. Manual in repository does not generate html pages for these. This means that even if I upload new topic pages, the contents tree will remain 3.2.1, and links won't match.

Would it be possible to find out who have created this online manual, and how?

^ Ahh thanks! I got that the Dynamic sprs start increasing Y value from top to bottom while Object's coord system does that from below upward without the drawing above but it confirmed what I was thinking.

I have to make a correction: object's coord system does not increase Y from below upward. In AGS all coordinate systems go from top to bottom.
It's just that objects put their image above its "origin" coordinate, aligning image's bottom to that origin. So, if you have object at room's (X,Y), the object sprite's top-left corner is at room's (X, Y - sprite height).

In other words, the direction of Y axis is still towards the bottom, but you may think that in the room the object's image is shifted by (-height) pixels.

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