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General Discussion / What are your goals for 2018?
« on: 30 Dec 2017, 05:28 »
Just curious what others are aiming for in the new year. This post inspired by my own boxed thinking ~ having trouble expanding my goals beyond the typical 'work harder/live healthier' thing.

The Rumpus Room / World history quiz thread
« on: 07 Oct 2017, 05:13 »
Similar to the Guess the Game/Movie threads, I'd like to propose a world history thread where we can exchanges some trivia. The person that gets the answer correct asks the next question.

I'll ask the first question: What 20th Century British monarch reigned as king for less than a year?

Stumbled across this randomly. Wow, could listen to these guys talk about Sierra's golden era all day! That sounds like such a cool company to have worked for back in the day. I remember writing them for hints on how to solve X problem in Space Quest 2 etc (laugh)

General Discussion / AGS'ers in China?
« on: 23 Jul 2017, 04:19 »
Wife and I soon head on our annual China pilgrimage. Just wondering if anyone from the forums is in Shanghai area or even China at large?

General Discussion / The Twin Peaks thread
« on: 19 Jul 2017, 20:58 »
Just started watching Season 3 tonight, so I thought I'd search 'Twin Peaks' here and saw that many AGS'ers are into the series. 8-)

My Twin Peaks story has three sort of parts to it.

Part 1
I remember this show being HUGE when I was about 10 years old. My parents told me I wasn't allowed to watch it...which of course instantly meant I did everything I could to watch bits of it under their radar. This meant I caught bits and pieces and luckily I saw some of the weird stuff which I sort of remembered into my adulthood (i.e. Catherine dressed as the Japanese business man)

Part 2
Flash forward thirty years, and I'm married, a father and with a career and looking for something to fill my evenings when I come across the Twin Peaks feed on Netflix. 8-0 Wow, instantly loved the series and binge-watched the first two seasons in about a month. I loved everything about it - the setting, music, hokeyness, characters, horror, mystery, youth, age, coffee...everything. This viewing of it was especially cool because I got a chance to put the pieces together from the select scenes I saw when I was 10.

Part 3
I'm now just getting into Season 3! Can't wait to put the pieces together following the splintered nature of episode one.

Anyway, this thread is for all things Twin Peaks! Post a picture, memory, bit of discussion, anything related to the show!

The Rumpus Room / Do you smoke? (YES/NO)
« on: 15 Jul 2017, 20:46 »
Me? No.

General Discussion / The beer thread
« on: 03 Jul 2017, 15:00 »
Hello AGS'ers!

So who out there likes a good beer once in a while? ;) I thought I'd start a thread for beer discussion/recommendation, just generally all things beer related. Even if you don't drink beer, feel free to share a photo of your hometown's brew or your thoughts on beer in general.

General Discussion / Any AGS'ers in Dubai?
« on: 26 Jun 2017, 14:01 »
Anyone else here?! As far as I know I'm the only one. :undecided:

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Misunderstanding?
« on: 03 Jun 2007, 18:42 »
Hi, just wondering why my post concerning artist recruitment was locked?  I originally posted this in a different forum, the moderator there moved my topic here and now it is locked?  Why isit such a big deal if this topic is here?

Any info greatly appreciated


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Project I need help with
« on: 02 Jun 2007, 16:43 »
Attention: Sprite artists/artists in general

Here is an optional project for you.  I am writing an online children's story but I am terrible at drawing.  I need the following pictures done in a child-like way - really pixelly is fine, just go wild - backgrounds are optional (hope someone out there takes up this challenge and is able to save me!  I will give you full recognition, of course)

1 - a picture of a stuck up princess talking to an upright frog.  The princess should be glamorous and snobby looking.  The frog should not be, but he should be lovable.

2 - a picture of the frog working as a stock broker (maybe reading charts, or analyzing an upward trend or something)

3 - a picture of the frog working out in the gym

4 - a picture of the frog driving a really nice sports car

5 - a picture of the frog surrounded by beautiful, loving women and the princess looking very jealous

are you up for it?  please contact me if you think this is something you could help me with.  as mentioned before, i will give you full recognition for your work and my respect.



General Discussion / are you from singapore?
« on: 03 Apr 2007, 11:04 »

hey - had a pal on here from singapore (another teacher) about a year ago but we lost touch and i cant remember your name!  if you recognize me, drop me a line

General Discussion / kanye west impossible
« on: 30 Sep 2006, 22:05 »
i think its a pretty good song anybody else agree ?

General Discussion / game of the month
« on: 01 Mar 2006, 18:44 »
How come the Game of the month is only updated every 3-4 months?  Why don't they call it game of the tri-month?

General Discussion / Juggernaut
« on: 27 Feb 2006, 12:26 »
Anyone else see this?  Sorry if I am posting something old


General Discussion / So what are your new year's plans?
« on: 30 Dec 2005, 18:40 »
I know that I will probably get a handful of reasons why I should not post this (i.e 'why didn't you read the instructions before you posted?') but screw it.  I want to know what you all are doing this new year's!  :D  Here in Dubai, I am going to a house party with some friends.  It will be 2006 9 hours before Canada hahah! :D

General Discussion / ags awards
« on: 29 Dec 2005, 20:42 »
When will the ags award nominations occur?  If I remember correctly, it should be within the next month or so

General Discussion / Middle east
« on: 21 Dec 2005, 15:20 »
Just curious - anyone else here located in the Middle East?  I'm in the UAE

General Discussion / Dearest moderators...
« on: 15 Dec 2005, 17:46 »
Could you please update the link to my game "The Medical Theories of Dr Kur" to

I can't seem to login and therefore can not change it myself!  The current download link is not work.

My hat goes off to you, many thanks

Hello - searched like mad for an answer to this question but could not find one.

I recently uploaded my first game The Medical Theories of Dr Kur, but the screenshot on the download page doesn't work.  So I tried to edit the entry, but when I type in my password, I am always told that the pasword is invalid.  I have tried to put my username "hello123" as the author of the game (as the program requests) but that won't go either.  DOes anyone have any suggestions or links to similar problem threads?  Thanks.  This is the photo I would like to use as my screenshot -

Thanks again!


Hi, this is my first game - hope you enjoy it! :)

Help the people of West Derry rid the town of a child murderer.  The game is in the style of 7th guest, I tried to make it as creepy as I could. :o

Here are some screenshots -

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