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i couldnt find the amazing background one, but i did find these:

there are lots more of the threads, but not sure what to search for, so i can't find them all. it is a bit messy, but its just an idea.

Ok... I had an idea, I don´t know if it is good, but as this post has specifically created for posting ideas, I don´t think this could bother anybody...


The idea is to make a competition involving all the processes involving the act of making a background, divided into:

-Sketch. A topic is provided an all the competitors make a sketch, a pencil sketch or a two-bit file. The best one wins, and OVER the BASE of WINNER sketch we advance to step 2. The host of the competition decides the restrictions, and who has made the best sketch. The winner hosts the next step.In the same thread all the non-winners entries are deleted and we go into step 2. The winner does not have the opportunity to enter in this activity till the next round. One week of time to complete it all.

-Step 2. Coloring. Now this activity is based in coloring, having special care in choosing the appropiate pallete to roughly colour the sketch. There´s no need at all to put effort in detailing effects, shading, dithering or something... We want a "colour test" in a Yathzee´s style... See "The Shivah" in GiP as a good example of what I mean. The author of the sketch where people is working decides the winner and the restrictions but it is a pallete making activity, it should be sensible to use a limited colours for this... maybe 50? Dunno. The winner hosts the next step. One week to work, submit the entries, and decide the winner.


Coutesy of dr. Scary.  :)

-Step 3. Final step: Now it´s the time to shoot all the artillery! With the coloured sketch and the winner pallete, do everything you want to make the better BG, even expanding the tones of the colour to reach 256, and adding tons of objects. The winner is decided by votation, one week for making and submitting the entries and one of voting. The winner of this last step hosts the next activity.

So, we have a good example of how to make a BG... I think it could be instructive, and not too messy, because the non winner entries should be deleted, and at the end we could only see 3 entries, showing 3 stepts to make a good BG.

I think that all these ideas will have some people interested and get people ot do them from time to time.

Heres an idea...

A hosting person will supply a basic room sprite or even just a character sprite...

What will then happen is that people will add more enviroment objects and characters to the scene...

A general theme can be selected. This winner will simply be the best atmospheric and creative entry.

i like farlander's idea, because that is a good way to improve your own background techniques. i myself suck at backgrounds, and think something like that would help me immensely.

We have decided not to treat any new suggestions until the voting and the cleaning up is over with. Feel free to discuss current competitions and activities in the mean time.


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