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Crimson Wizard:
UPD: by this time (mid-2017) I am not available, being too busy with existing projects.


I am looking for a paid job related to coding/scripting the game, whether AGS or non-AGS, small (short-term) or larger, or just performing limited tasks for a game project (like implementing particular features, mini-game, etc).

About myself: I have 10+ years of professional coding (office jobs). Most of my work was done in C++, less in C#; also had limited time spent with Java, JavaScript, Lua and Python. I think that at current stage I won't have big problems in learning to use another coding/scripting language, or game-creation IDE demanded by project. I was primarily "Windows programmer" all this time, but I was developing for and in the Linux too (although much less than in Windows).
I am absolutely okay with working with other people's code, and don't complain if have to follow unfamiliar coding guidelines and conventions. I have worked with the very old and bad code in the past (cannot say I still enjoy doing that, but I can work on one if there is a need to).

Sadly, that may be not easy to present a big "portfolio" though, because 90% of my work was with closed-source commercial projects (or not related to games anyway). I was scripting for several AGS team projects, but none reached release for various reasons (except for couple of very short games I made myself long ago, which probably are not worth mentioning).

First of all, since we are at the AGS forums, I was working on maintaining and improving AGS engine - after Chris Jones has left - since year 2012 until recently.
At my early professional career I was porting mobile games from J2ME to BREW platform (C++). Besides other things this is where I learnt optimizing games for speed and memory usage (because of low-end phones).
Several years ago I was participating in writing two total conversions of old 2.5D Hexen game on Vavoom engine (something similar to ZDoom, but supporting UnrealC-like scripting language). These projects can still be found on their owner's website (I used same nickname there, so you may probably catch my name on some page there). "Korax Arena" was a multiplayer deathmatch game, for which I wrote additional modes, like CTF and so on, and new Bot AI from scratch. Another conversion was called "Scattered Evil", it was a classic single-player game; noteably I was writing advanced monster AI and pathfinding for it (because Doom pathfinding was terrible), which uses "nodes" (mapper must place them on the map) and A* algorithm.

Since that may be not much to display, I am not asking any money upfront nor any immediate offers, moreover I am okay to do some kind of test task to see if I am suitable for the project.

At the moment of writing this post I am ready for both part-time and full-time involvement, although as time goes the situation may change.

My own conditions of participating are:
- project should look promising and realistic (also just interesting :))
- payment should be sensible considering amount of time & effort required for the work.
NOTE: I am both okay with fixed payment or revenue share.

If you are interested or want to ask any questions, please PM me on this forum or send mail to

Hello, I’m Andreas.

Of all the arts, music is most directly connected to our emotions. Without words and explanation, we intuitively relate the beat to our pulse and the key to our mood. Some people therefore consider music as the most universal form of art that can be understood by everyone. Music in games – as in movies – thus shouldn’t be considered just a means to fill the silence. Done well, it is a device of storytelling equal to the visuals or the dialogues, just a little less obvious. Music can tell the story ‘behind the story’, make us feel the emotions that aren’t visible on screen and the screenwriter was prudent enough not to spell out. R-Type and Turrican made Chris Huelsbeck a celebrity overnight and video game music a genre that could be sold on CDs. Listen to Inon Zur’s Fallout soundtracks, and you can literally feel the rust and dust trickling from the notes, instantly gripping what it must be walking the lonely wastelands. Listen to Jeremy Soules Skyrim soundtrack, and you feel the heroic spirit of the Dragonborn and the excitement that discovering the northern lands hold, even though you are still in the loading screen.

I am a composer who likes games and is interested in collaboration. I have seen there are already a lot of talented and professional composers advertising here, many with a formidable portfolio and I hope that my advertisement won’t be considered as rivalry. I think there are many different styles, tastes and purposes, and for people looking for a soundtrack it might be good having many options. I’m trying to work in many styles, but if I had to name two genres then it would be epic orchestral scores and world music. You can hear a small selection at my Soundcloud portfolio:

An attempt in scoring a short film:

Please note that I have currently to work to finance my studies. I therefore might work a little slower than composers that have the luxury spending 24/7 on music. On the other hand, maybe I am a bit more affordable than the big names. I am very much interested in collaboration. So if you are interested in a music, please contact me and we’ll work something out.


I am game designer from Estonia. My main influences are games from 90's. I design games where story and gameplay are balanced -instead story evolving constantly, story evolves when some big goal is reached and player usually has quite many places to explore at once. My ideas range from fantasy to sci-fi to western and some of my designs involve interwinding stories that directly affect gameplay. Gameplay in my games may switch between one reality and another, player's character may try to reach personal goal at one moment and try to save day in next, or gameplay may even alternate between present and character's memories.

Hey all!  I am music composer from Saint-Petersburg.

Not sure that anyone needs big text about me here, because the point of this message is my MUSIC PORTFOLIO
So, here is a link -

My rates are negotiable (You can also read this as "Low and friendly rates")

If you have any questions and offers
Feel free to contact me:
E-mail :
Skype: kalinnikov.r

Thank you for attention
Have a good day

Hi. I'm a musician from Finland and I would love to make music for a game since i'm also a big adventure game fan. I play various instruments (and various genres) and I have a home studio with many different types of instruments including analog and digital synths so I think the scale of sound I can reduce is quite wide and can be tailored to your preferences. :)

Here is an electronic album I made with iPad Garageband on christmas because I was bored:


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