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I can do just about anything, to a certain extent :P
Although, I guess I would consider my specialties to be in Scripting and Music. I'm happy and look forward to contribute to any project, time frame permitting. :D


As a computer science student I have a fair amount of programming experience, although not much for games, but I'm eager to be presented with the opportunity to find solutions to any and all challenges :)
I have a background in higher level languages such as Java and C/C++, as well as a little Javascript. But I can pick up anything fairly quickly, just like I did with AGS.


I really enjoy writing songs with my guitar and other instruments I can get my hands on. On request I can write a song, including lyrics, on any particular subject and produce an amateur recording.

Yoke 2.0:
I can do passable bg-art,

and I can script even better. (This game has a few bugs, but it was done in a month. Be fair! ;) ):
Two of a Kind

I'm looking for somewhat experienced game makers to do MAGS-sized projects.
If you have this great idea for a game and you just need somebody to write it, draw it and make the music for it; look elsewhere. Others are free to PM.

Hello forum:

I am an avid gamer; I have been playing games since the age of 2-actually, it was adventure games (Sierra, more specifically) playing them, really strengthened my ability to read and write. I was an adventure game junkie back in the day. I do have basic knowledge of game design (self taught) and I thought I would make a post here; not to offer any programming services, but for people who are looking for talkie's for characters, I would be glad to volunteer I also like to write and I'm a think-tank ( I have a lot of ideas) And believe it or not: I am actually a certified hypnotist/consulting hypnotist (that's the professional title) I have also composed a few pieces of music (a link to a couple down below) which, I may be willing to let someone use in their game.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
a rearrangement of the dixieland drugstore

Thank you for your time and please, drop me a line


Hey Everybody I have been gone for awhile busy but I am readily prepared to Offer my Voice Acting, Professional Music Composition, Storyboard Creation/Helping, And Constructive Ideas Again!  God Bless and Stay In Touch! 

God Bless!

Was going to do voice acting for Infection I but It fell through:/

Here is a composition I made completely for the Upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Movie

Author/Voice Actor

 My name is Richard Heinz, and I am an amateur Science Fiction/Horror/Comedy writer. I've written stories that blend Science Fiction and Horror elements, a couple of action stories, and a few humorous anecdotes. I have a broad vocabulary and am knowledgeable in most of the stuff I write about (I'll always make up something completely stupid now and then).

 I've always been very good at prank phone calls, so I can pass for someone I'm not, which is basically what acting is. I do have a slight lisp, though.


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