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Author Topic: Space Quest -1 "Decisions of the Elders" entire game (part 1 - 3)  (Read 355 times)  Share 

Leisure Suit Harry

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Dear all,

in 2012 I have released the first part of the retro stylish (320x200 EGA graphics, AGI fonts...) unofficial Space-Quest prequel "Decisions of the Elders" with its protagonist Jerry Wilco (yes, Roger's father) and not just him...

Part 2 followed last year.
Now, finally, after years of AGS-studying, drawing, scripting and song composing the release of the entire game (all parts 1 - 3) is close (planned before summer this year).

See below 2 appetizers:

It's getting crazy again!
Can't wait to provide the entire game to you...

Harry (aka Boston)
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Yours Boston McShew (aka Leisure Suit Harry)


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Great job Harald. Can't wait to see the final edition of this.

I've never been this excited towards a game since Sierra's AGI era! :-D Keep up the good work Harry :)

Leisure Suit Harry

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Good news everybody. The game is finished. Beta testing is about to start NOW.
Cheers - Boston (aka Harry)
Yours Boston McShew (aka Leisure Suit Harry)


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Great Game, I can't wait to see what other people think of it. :)
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