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Jonah's Place

by Kasander

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5 Sep 2012
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Not enough votes yet
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About this game

See that poor little girl in pink dress? She found herself trapped, all alone, in this strange, unfamiliar place. A place most unsuitable for little girls... Can you help her find a way out?

IMPORTANT! Jonah's Place runs in 1024x768 resolution. It won't run on smaller screens (like laptops with 800x600 resolution). Sorry for any inconvenience. Enjoy the game!
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screenplay, art, animation
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3 people commented on this game (newest first):

What better setting for a one-room game than a place of fantasy ? Stuffed animal heads that talk are an idea with great potential for entertainment. In this case however, I felt that the personalities behind their voices could have been better defined. The heads are used to pass over a mix of ideas, a few of which were harmlessly funny( I smiled 2 times ). However, there are a few elements that make the game unapropriate for children and may feel out of place to a mature person, depending on your sense of humor.
The girl felt down there - but there are not enough similarities to the atmosphere of the well known book to think of a "what if ?" episode. While the talking heads make references to the main character being a( little ) girl, considering the main character's actions and speech it could have been a person of any age and gender. But I don't feel that this would reduce the enjoyment throughout the game. Rather it surprises you by not following classical lines. About half of the interaction that the player has with the game's world is through witnessing the dialog and that carries considerable weight in creating the atmosphere of the game, especially when the carefully hand drawn images are less shiny than the spiced up speech lines. Also concerning the atmosphere, I found the music a means to relax your mind, while perhaps one would expect it to be more related to the setting. However, the author's choice is decent and you should consider that few movies and games benefit from the best music possible. From another point of view, the game maker(s) may have wanted to suggest a dream( which situation allows a detached disposition melody )- but I feel that this idea could have been better supported by other game elements. The screenshot and the 3 cups from the Panel tell much about the good quality of the drawings. A personal favorite was the glowing animation; very Van Gogh. To me, this production is an interesting association of ideas. Why not see for yourself
2013-06-11 12:19:37 by st.
What kind of glitches? Didn't you even read the "readme" file? It's a one room MAGS game, made in couple of days, and it was supposed to be a part of a bigger picture. I guess it explains a bit.

Geez, you could at least say something nice about graphics or music or anything, instead of moaning all the way, dude.
2012-09-25 12:38:41 by Kasander
I couldn't get into this game. The puzzles were a bit too weird, I didn't feel attached to the main character, and there were some technical glitches. That together with quicktime events and pixel hunting turned me off.
2012-09-23 21:21:01 by jkohen
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