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Started by heltenjon, Wed 25/08/2021 09:43:12

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QuoteUnfortunately, this game is still in production, if I understand correctly.
That's right, Godzillu have resumed the project in 2023
(maybe it's too soon  :grin: I got caught up in the passion and actually lost track of the thread)

Crimson Wizard

As an update to this:

Quote from: heltenjon on Mon 21/02/2022 23:52:39
Quote from: eri0o on Mon 21/02/2022 20:46:26I am not 100%, but the walking and some details look very agsy.

The game is not available yet - and the rest is too french for me to understand  :P
According to this: there is currently a fundraiser to raise 3000 Euros to complete the game. It's indeed made in AGS.

Gobliiins 5 have been released some time ago. It's made in AGS, and still not in database, so I guess this matches this topic.



Fragile by Peanut Panda Pixels

Earth AD: Low Estate by Uma

A Little Christmas Trial by fireorange

Salade Cosmique by Creamy
This one is available in the Mega folder: i've asked Creamy and he granted me to upload the game and share it

EDIT 2024-03-23
right from the AGS forum
David and the search for creativity
The download seems not to work: just in case it went missing, i've uploaded on the mega folder


From Global Game Jam 2024

Standup for Aliens by Chariot Rider
a JOKE about a comedian kidnapped by aliens. Two screens, some dialogues. Few seconds of gameplay

Clown Show by PariahCarey
played for 1 minute. Not sure it's and ADV or more a Joke. Buggy (the alarm clock still sounds after putting it in the inventory, the inventory screen seems not sized to the game resolution)


Jezioro Pingwinie by Ruszard
in polish

Comics Quest by Ninjer folder
From what i understand from, the game should have some puzzle involving inventory. I played for few minutes, but got only dialogues
I've uploaded the game in the folder. Trying to download it from the site raise a protection warning by the browser, but after downloaded it I've checked with windows defender and all seems ok


Semi new game from

Jaro by Rakkimaru
a 15yo demo, in polish.
Quote'Jaro' is a demo adventure game that was inspired by classic point and click games, and to a large extent by the game 'Teenagent'.
I think that an old game like this, that was only in the owner HDD, should be advertised to the fans  :-D

I kept these links in my pockets for some time

Scare House by Bideo Bames Games

Artisan by Digital Mosaic Game

From MAGS Dec'09
Snow Queen: After The Apocalypse by Kastchey


Back in August 2016, the MAGS theme was "Distance no object", and the games needed to include monkeys and a giant banana, among other things. Rango is a nice game with fiendish minigames that was never added to the database, but is on the archive.

Quote from: TheTMD on Fri 24/11/2023 18:39:11Beyond Dream and Time
for cat lovers
This is now added to the database.
Quote from: TheTMD on Tue 05/12/2023 18:54:06G. Ramirez - The Missing Hat
A Room Escape disguised as P&C
may be finished in <2min
I played this, and found it charming. Nice, feel-good story with a cool bass jazz track.

QuoteEDIT 09/12/2023
Not an adventure, not a puzzle game
Just a story
I think it qualifies as a game, though the two puzzles are rather easy. So it's short, but as everything from Digital Mosaic, it's high quality. The voice acting is great! I liked this a lot.

QuoteEDIT 10/12/2023
Ten Weeks
QuoteTen Weeks is an experimental point & click game about memories
This was quite an emotional experience, and a glimpse into what it could be like to not remember or being able to trust your memories. The game is worth playing a couple of times to uncover more details. Definitely worth a look if you like experimental games or stories exploring the psyche.


In MAGS October 2016, Cat and Raeff's entry is not in the database, but on the archive: CheKKen. This is a short prototype/demo of a mix of chess and Tekken. (The theme was "Genre Shift".) It's a 2-player game, so hit those keys and beat your friend into the ground.

MAGS September 2007 had the theme "Innovation", and saw seven entries, three of which are not in the database:

OneDollar's Recollection, which is already featured in an earlier post in this thread. I still can't say too much about it without spoiling it.

Jojoboy's Serum. In this game you have to try to contain a zombie plague. There are random infected, so the game is not the same each play, and it's pretty hard.

Radiant's Pixel Hunt. (Note that there are several games with this or very similar titles.) This is a shooting game, where you hunt...pixels. While they yell insults at you.  (laugh) Good for a laugh.

Quote from: TheTMD on Thu 14/12/2023 20:20:25Space Misadventures
it's a short game
Here's another NSFW game. This one with a bit more graphic nudity. No cheesecake, Ponch. Other than that, it's set in space, and the horny space captain has to fix her faulty spaceship. It's well made, but won't be to everyone's taste.
EDIT: This game turned out to be extremely explicit, with tentacles and whatnot. Far out of my comfort zone. Just warning you about what this is.

the animations of this game are spectacular: a very nice little gem
This one was incredible! It's like playing a cartoon. Highly recommended! (Though one of the sequences was so hard, I had to use dirty tricks to complete the demo.)


Some of the modules have demo games. Here is the PanoRama Demo. This is a room with some objects and a character in it, made for showing the module. The game ends/quits when you walk out the door, so I guess it's a very easy escape room game...

Alys vs the Phantom Feline Foe is a NSFW game. It's a reworking of Alice in Wonderland where the magic cat kidnaps Alys because he wants her to be his sex slave. And it gets worse from there. I mean, the first puzzle involves watering a plant with no external water sources. You have been warned.

Buloght's Knightsquire is a very good game with Gobliins-like gameplay involving switching control between the knight and his squire. This has a Completed Game Announcement thread in the forum, but never made it into the database. Highly recommended!

Amberfish Arts' Indiana Jones: The Fate of Atlantis II project was never finished, and  what's released here are the four demos from the project. In case you have trouble running them, Arj0n tells you how in This post.

Another fan game is Monkey Island 2.5: The Prisoner of Monkey Island. This is in Italian only and picks up where MI2 ended.

Yet another that also starts in the same spot, is Monkey Island: Illusion. This one is partly translated into English, but some of it is still in the original French. The short game/demo is winnable, but there is a fatal bug early on that crashes the game if you click on a hatch to go below deck on a pirate ship. If you walk past the hatch, you will go below deck with no error, triggering the active region. I guess all of these games are for fans craving a small taste of what once was.

Quote from: TheTMD on Wed 26/04/2023 20:24:07Desert Miner
This is a short game with one puzzle. It looks like the developer abandoned AGS and made the sequel and other games using other engines.
Quoteboite, La
This is a cute game about a cat who wants to look into a box. It's French only, and my phone translator didn't recognize the font, but enough of the story is visual for me to play it through to the end despite not understanding the text. I liked how it looked, but the French speaking players will get more out of this than I did.
QuoteCity That Drowned, The
This is a demo or prototype that plays like a walking simulator. I didn't find much to do except uncovering clues to the story. The atmosphere and story were interesting, though. I don't think the demo has a scripted ending. At least I couldn't find it.


Bubby Kills God by DiggingUpGraves
QuoteThis is my first game made with AGS. It's mostly just a test to learn the various systems and mess around a bit, don't expect quality.
The game itself is about a little blob called 'Bubby' who wishes to kill God. Why? Play and find out!
[/url]Enjoy my first abomination.
Played for a while, found only 1 puzzle involving inventory. Then dropped it...

EDIT 18/05/2024
The Mystery of Epstein Island, part 1 : Day  by Sapo

The Mystery of Epstein Island, part 2 : Sunset  by Sapo


I downloaded and played RON: Purity of the Surf (Archive link), RoN Homepage link here, to help a guy out in the hint section. Turned out I had not played the game before, perhaps because it never made its way into the database. It's made by Dave Gilbert himself, and it's a great game which I can highly recommend.

The prototype RON Beach Party could be worth checking out for those interested in how the game was developed. This prototype later turned into the full game Purity of the Surf.

In addition, the RON Beach Party Demo is also at this page along with several other RON Demos:
Time Out Trailer (in the database)
Stuck at Home Trailer (not in the database, though the full game is)
Fifth Anniversary Promotional Trailer (not in db)
Simon, the Sorceror's Brother Teaser Trailer (not in db)
Edge of Reality Demo (not in db)
RON Xmas 2002 Demo (not in db)
Without a Prayer Demo (not in db)
Everything that Begins with an M Demo (not in db)
Reality Check 4 Demo (in the db)
Spoons III Unauthorized Demo (The demo is not in the db, but the full game is. See also here.)
Hidden Messages (not in the db)

Quote from: TheTMD on Fri 17/05/2024 18:55:59Bubby Kills God by DiggingUpGraves
QuoteThis is my first game made with AGS. It's mostly just a test to learn the various systems and mess around a bit, don't expect quality.
The game itself is about a little blob called 'Bubby' who wishes to kill God. Why? Play and find out!
Enjoy my first abomination.
Played for a while, found only 1 puzzle involving inventory. Then dropped it...
I played it...and not quality is about right. The game seems to be purposely made to be as offensive as possible. Sure, you go to
"Personal Hell" and chop off a guy's genitals with an axe and carry the chopped off penis as an inventory item
. To say it's not everyone's taste would be an understatement. But ok, that's on purpose. The game also suffers from first game syndrome with bugs turning the game into an unwinnable state if you do things in the wrong order. I do think some of the drawings were good, though. The talent is there, but unrefined.

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