AGS Awards 2021 - Results!

Started by cat, Sun 02/01/2022 20:44:19

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Congratulations to the winners!  8-)

Quote from: cat on Sun 02/01/2022 20:44:19

Best Demo
Nightmare Frames Demo

Now we wait for the full game!  8-)


The Last To Know

Congratulations to all the winners!  :)


Congratulations to the winners! :)
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Great ceremony!. well done!. Congratulations to the winners and nominees!  ;-D ;-D ;-D
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Congrats to all the winners, all the nominees, all those who made the awards happen, all the AGSer that produced a game, and everyone who played them, voted and showed up to the ceremony.  :)
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Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and an even bigger congratulations to everyone who won.  :-D


Yesterday was great fun. It's been quite a long time since I danced at a party, so I really enjoyed myself. Also, good manners of the attendees in a form of lack of any slaps are very much appreciated. Although, who knows... maybe a slap or two would have brought AGS more popularity among the general public.

But seriously, it was fun. Massive thanks to everyone involved in the community for creating, maintaining and updating the client, as well as to those organising and directing the ceremony :)

And congrats to all the winners!


Quote from: Scavenger on Sun 10/04/2022 03:25:01
I streamed it, the video will be up here shortly...

Much appreciated! ;-D
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Mad props to the organizers and congrats to the winners, their awards are well-deserved!

Wish I could make it to this year's ceremony, but at least I can watch it in video form, for which Scavenger deserves a special thanks!



Quote from: Pogwizd on Sun 10/04/2022 14:46:45
who knows... maybe a slap or two would have brought AGS more popularity among the general public.
I'm pretty sure someone grabbed my butt during the dance party.  :=


Congrats to everyone who won or got a nomination.


Congrats to all winners and special thanks to everyone involved in the ceremony. It's been a long time since I've joined the awards and I had a great time - so many terrific titles

Also many thanks for awarding me the "best innovation" trophy. I'm pretty sure that there are more innovative or at least active guys out there, but hey, I count it as a retro award :P

Anyway I'm very happy that apparently many of you found those modules useful and I am honoured to have received this award.


Thanks again to everyone, for making this such a nice event!
I'm happy that for all AGS awards and almost all MAGGIES games the author was there to accept the trophy and give a speech.

The AGS awards are a community thing - they need people to make games, play games, organize things, nominate games, vote for games, prepare the client, decide on committee awards, moderate and attend the ceremony. I'm glad we have all those people here in our community!

Btw, there have already been 18 games added to the database - play them now, if you haven't, to prepare for next year's awards  ;)


Congratulations to all the winners! And huge thanks to everyone involved in preparing and running the ceremony! Great show, awesome community!

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly

Well done to all the entries and winners  8-)  , what a super selection this  year!

What a wonderful ceremony! I enjoyed it a lot! The sense of community was there, it was the best of it.

And congrats to all the winners!


I forgot to include the committee decided winners in the result. Here they are:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dualnames has been an active and engaged community member for years. He has led some of the most significant community activities such as hosting and working on the Awards ceremony and running the MAGS competition. He has also made many contributions to the modules and plugins section and helped many in the technical support sections. On top of all of that he has released several high-quality games.

Best Innovation
For abstauber's contributions to the ready-to-use UI designs and elements that mimic the most iconic designs we all know and love, most notably Tumbleweed Verbs and 9-verb MI Style UI, as well as additional UI helper modules such as CustomDialogGUI and ButtonHelper.

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