The AGS Trove! Calling all AGSers!!

Started by Retro Wolf, Tue 24/04/2018 16:47:24

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Retro Wolf

I am no longer accepting donations for The Trove, I urge any AGSer that wishes to help other amateur developers by starting an account at and sharing the link here.

The AGS Treasure Trove


Small art packs and little goodies to help build a game!

What is the AGS Trove? A collection of art assets that anyone can download to help jump start their game development projects. Not everyone is capable of making usable art, maybe they just need a starting point.

Retro Wolf

By using the artwork contained in the AGS Trove you agree to abide by the terms of the license.
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

An easy to understand summary of the license can be found at this link.



I like this idea, as it reminds me of the old "Instagame" project. :)

However, I'd like to see it done with a Creative Commons-type license in place first, so that everybody knows exactly where they stand on rights and credits. Nothing overly complex, just a general safeguard against any potential...impropriety.
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I agree with my old chum Mr Limpy Fish!

Also I think it should be made clear if the art is free for use in commercial products or freeware only.


Quote from: ManicMatt on Tue 24/04/2018 23:29:50
Also I think it should be made clear if the art is free for use in commercial products or freeware only.


Would definitely be good to know.  Love the idea btw - I assume this is an offshoot of the MAGS Participation discussion?

Retro Wolf

How about this one?

You're right Captain, that's where the idea came from. Even if it doesn't get used for MAGS it would still be useful.


I just sent a few sprites and stuff in a folder.
Most of the stuff are fairly generic inventory and GUI elements as well as typical stock characters,
so they're nothing I'm too attached to and don't mind people using in their games, but I'd like to get credit for my work,
especially if anyone would use any of it in a commercial game.

It's sprites for the default AGS GUI, a few medieval-looking peasants, a scholar/sorcerer and a monk, a blue bird and some inventory items for an historical/fantasy adventure.

Retro Wolf

Thank you DanVzare and Blondbraid!

This one allows for commercial.
I'm assuming I just post THIS LINK to the license in the original post, and in a readme text file in the download? There's also a logo to use.

Another reason for starting this project is that I have very little time for creative stuff, what with work and kids. Often I find myself looking through abandoned project files and just think of all the time I spent on them and nothing came of it. Sorting all these files together was sort of a release for me.

I think I'd like to get 2 or 3 more contributions before releasing.


Quote from: Retro Wolf on Thu 26/04/2018 15:13:49
Thank you DanVzare and Blondbraid!
I'm glad to help :-D
Personally, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing someone else use my art.


Happy to be of help!
Like Danvzare, I'm also curious to see whay my art will be used for! :)


That's a great idea, thanks for taking the initiative to collect these contributions.
I have some stuff I can donate - glad they'll have a chance to actually be used for something instead of collecting dust.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to encourage people who use these resources for their games to link the AGS Trove thread in their completed game announcements so that more people can find it?

(Awesome logo btw :))


I'm currently using Inkscape to make graphics for my MAGS game, so I might be able to easily convert some of those for generic use.
And Tuesday I'm planning to spend a few days just playing around with Inkscape. So I can make some backgrounds and characters specifically for the trove.

Retro Wolf

Thank you for the beautiful artwork Kastchey!

Quote from: Kastchey on Sat 28/04/2018 00:42:55
Perhaps it might be a good idea to encourage people who use these resources for their games to link the AGS Trove thread in their completed game announcements so that more people can find it?

Good idea, I was also thinking of asking people to consider donating after every MAGS and background blitz competition finishes.

Quote from: Kastchey on Sat 28/04/2018 00:42:55
Awesome logo btw

Cool thing about the logo, it only took me 5 minutes because I used assets from abandoned projects, the text is just the default AGS speech font. This is the power of the Trove!!

Looking forward to seeing your artwork VampireWombat!


I will be donating all of my game assets from The Visitor series soon. Hopefully someone will find them useful. This is a great thing you're doing Retro Wolf.

Retro Wolf

Cheers NickyNyce!

Kastchey left a little message in a text file along with his contribution, if anyone else wants to do that that's no problem.

Retro Wolf

I was going to hold out a bit longer for more content, but what with MAGS this month having a special rule allowing for this sort of stuff I thought I'd release it early. Download links at the bottom of the original post.


What a brilliant idea!
I'll check my files, maybe I find something for the trove.


Lots of The Visitor assets have been donated. Hopefully someone can find some use for it. No credit needed and it may be used for whatever anyone wants to do with it. Happy Adventuring people of AGS. I would love to see some spin offs of the series. Donate to the trove people. For the love of Adventure games!


Thanks RW for pulling this together and also thanks to all the contributors - I'm sure this will be a massively useful resource for years to come!

Would you be willing to consider expanding this to include SFX?  I have probably over a hundred sound effects that I've made for various games - some released, others not - which I could donate for others to use.

Retro Wolf

Great idea Captain! Please send them when you get the time.

Thanks to NickyNyce for donating, I'll be adding it to the next release. I was thinking about making a new download at the start of every month to coincide with each new MAGS, that's if Stupot decides to permanently change the rules and I keep getting enough new content.


RW - I've sent you my SFX library.

In the end it came to 230 files.  These are quite a mixed bag, coming as they do from both completed games and games that never quite made it past the prototype stage.  A handful of MP3s with the rest OGG.  A few 8-bit style SFX in there.  Hopefully labelled in a relatively helpful way - anyway I hope someone finds them useful!

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