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(literally "little apple man", a German name for the Mandelbrot set)

Did you drink from your Klein bottle again? How else did you end up as Apfelmännchen in a world full of mathematical references? But now that you are here, you can just as well take over the world.

Made for MAGS January 2024, theme "Trippy"

The idea for this game stems from a childhood memory. When I was little, my father had a software on our i386 that could draw Mandelbrot sets with colorful patterns around the black figure. I had no idea what this actually was about (and I still don't fully understand it now), but I loved to watch that pattern animating with some kind of palette rotation. The MAGS theme reminded me of this. I know, this game is probably not for everyone, but I hope at least some people will find enjoyment in it.

The graphics were heavily inspired by (but not living up to) newwaveburritos' work. I've never worked in EGA palette before but it was fun.

Gamer 6969 by HoliznaCC0
100 Victories by Zane Little

Sound effects made with https://sfxr.me/

And if you want to know what this is all about (or if you want to check whether you got all references), here are some links for you:

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