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Started by Billbis, Sun 01/06/2014 17:16:14

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Lema Sabachthani
A short interactive fiction made for the MAGS February 2014:
Fictional Spirituality

You have been sentence to death. But what you had done had to be done...

Available in English, French and Spanish.
The game is available since a few month, but I just published a sightly improved version, so I though it was the occasion to talk about it here.
This post-MAGS version contain only minor additions to the original version:
- now with talking animations!
- main character has now a interacting animation.
- addition of a small outro text.
- addition of one useless interaction.

If you haven't play the game in April, the release of this sightly improved version is a good time to give it a try. :)

Sources and ressources for the game can be found in this archive (~17Mo, open the project with AGS 3.3.0 or higher, you'll need this magical plugin).
Graphics, music and code are free to use (let says they are on CC0). :)
Sounds effects are under their respective licenses (from freesound.org, see SoundLicences.txt).

SpriteFont plugin by Calin Leafshade
FichierParametres module by Kitai
Beta test: Valoulef and Atavismus
English proofreading: Straydogstrut
Spanish translation: cireja
Sintony font by Eduardo Tunni
Piano by Pidem
Sound effects from Freesound.org (see SoundLicences.txt file)


A little bumping to announce the release of the Spanish translation, done by the kind cireja.
¡Que viva la comunidad AbandonSocios!


Nice game Billbis. A true indie adventure game. Congrats!
Working on a RON game!!!!!

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