Return Journey [MAGS]

Started by ddavey1983, Wed 31/03/2021 20:24:11

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RETURN JOURNEY - Made by GOC Games for MAGS March 2021

It is April 1944. The RAF Lancaster bomber 'Return Journey' hurtles through the dark skies over occupied Europe. With the bombs away, the aircraft has turned for home...but they are not out of the woods yet.

You are Sergeant Percy Smith, flight engineer. Trained in mechanics and first aid, you will play a vital role in getting your six crewmates home safely. Time is of the essence. Hestitate too long and men will die.

In school, you fantasised about a one-way journey to Europe. Now you're trying to avoid it with all your skill and endeavour.

Made in 5 days by GOC Games for MAGS March 2021.


It was really great, awesome concept, very original! You should make a longer version now, it would totally worth the effort!

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