Tea for Two: A Detective Logan Case

Started by eri0o, Thu 27/06/2019 01:15:49

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Investigate the death of a mysterious woman in this short point and click game. Made for Adventure Jam 2019!


Francisco Gonzalez as Detective Logan
Miranda Gauvin as Emily Feliz
Mike Bodie as Lawson Aris
Sally Beaumont as MJ
Space Quest Historian as Wyatt
Paul Thomas as Remington Noe
Dave Macclellan as Jazz
Dave Gilbert as Roger

Written and Coded by Érico Porto
Art by Ricardo Juchem
Cover Art by Melany Sue
Sound Design by Edwyn Tiong
Music by Jon Paul Sapsford
Script Revision by Joth

Special thanks to Morgan Willcock who provided insights and revised my writing,
Crimson Wizard for the great latest ags beta,
and to Zaira, who kept me alive during the course of the jam.


Monsieur OUXX

Excellent! Another coolio game for AGS legacy

Two Tales

Love the screenshots. Time for me to stop developing and start playing!

Laura Hunt

How did I miss this one? It looks really cool and I don't think I've ever played an AGS game on my phone before, so a-downloadin' we shall go!

Laura Hunt

Tried this one on Android and unfortunately it's pretty broken, from the music crackling constantly to the "walk" cursor not disappearing when the "wait" cursor appears and so you can see it underneath, to the game straight up crashing on me while I was collecting evidence in the apartment. Maybe AGS for mobile is just not there yet  :(


What's your phone? I have MotoX2, Moto Z, Asus Zenphone Laser, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It's not crashing for me in any of those. I am using my own build from the and it worked. A person tested on a Zenphone 5 and the update from ASUS had to be installed for it to work. If you have time, I can send you some APK s so we can test some ideas.

Laura Hunt

Oneplus 5T with Android 9, fully up to date. The weirdest thing was the constant audio crackling, because this phone can handle pretty much anything I've ever thrown at it without breaking a sweat.


I can give you an apk to test tonight if you want, then we can try to narrow down. I would basically remove all game audio to see if that's what's causing the errors.

Edit: I updated the app on Play Store and audio should not cause crashes anymore and cracklings should have been avoided now. Oh and I saw that you pointed about seeing the cursor, but I meant to leave the cursor on screen.


the story is interesting and well presented and fun to solve...



Apparently, you didn't get the good ending any more than I, Selmiak  :P


but I solved the case, but after that had to move places, police is a stupid carreer choice. but eri0o didn't mention a second, better ending?!


There's no better ending, he just goes to a different place, and some things are set into motion during this time.

Logan will return on Future Flashback.  :-D


Story rich DRM-free games - http://fireflowergames.com/


Nice little detective game  :smiley:
And with voices too!!!



Thanks negator2vc and FireFlower!

I forgot to update this, but long ago I wrote a little about developing this game in my personal blog....

Also adding another playthrough of it, this one by Ludophiles.

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