S**t in Trump's Bed: The Game

Started by Drmcscott, Fri 01/11/2019 15:04:38

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Hi all,

Here's my first incredibly small LucasArts style adventure game.

UPDATE - 31st August 2020 - Due to lockdown and boredom the games been updated with sound and additions on itch.oi
You could call it a special edition.

The Game
Travel to America in a rip-roaring adventure with thrills, spills and plops. Will you ever get to Shit in Trump's bed?
Quite possibly... yeah.
Should take 5 minutes to reach grim completion.

CLICK HERE for direct windows download.

CLICK HERE for Linux.

Instructions if required.

Warning: game may contain plop audio.

I want to thank these forums for making such a stupid little idea into reality. Oh and Abstauber for the wonderful Thimbleweed Park template.



The speech font needs to be bigger, with my eyes I can barely read it..


Quote from: Slasher on Fri 01/11/2019 19:45:31
The speech font needs to be bigger, with my eyes I can barely read it..

Sorry to hear that. Next time round I'll make "Magoo mode".

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