The Potion Master (MAGS August 2022)

Started by CaptainD, Sat 03/09/2022 20:42:02

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This game was created for the MAGS August 2022 gamejam by Kastchey and myself.

A short but somewhat challenging point-and-click game with a fantasy setting, based on the theme of "Healing". You play the apprentice of a potion master who is near death after an experimental potion causes catastrophic results. (There may be the odd bug since we didn't have time to do much testing.)

We are looking at possibly expanding this into a much larger game in the future.



An expansion or maybe more games set in the same world would be just what the players ordered.  (nod)

Thanks for a great game! It looks good, but even more important is that it gives the impression that our protagonist is just starting to learn about the possibilities and hardships of magic.

I liked that there were few locations, but a lot of back and forth between them as the status changed. In that regard the game design reminded me a bit of The Telwynium games. I also liked how the doctor was always available and ready to help, which lifted the atmosphere a lot compared to if the apprentice had been alone. Good choice!


Oh, we have a completed game thread. Cool!

Here's a link to the Linux version. It's been ages since the last time I compiled any game and I simply forgot that I should include support for other platforms. Sorry about that!

heltenjon, thanks! Yeah, I always thought that reusing locations added a lot of value to the game experience. Imo, the ideal execution of this (which we didn't do in Potion Master, because of the time and scope constraints) is when you revisit known locations the next game day or after a significant event and there's something completely new there to explore.
Glad you think the way the doctor was designed wasn't a miss! Initially I considered making her into the obstacle type NPC (for the "trick the doctor into leaving the room so you can open the balcony door" type of puzzles) but then I figured it fit both her and the apprentice's personality better if he obeyed her and she was supportive all along.

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