You rock, Topus! (March 2015 MAGS)

Started by Billbis, Wed 01/04/2015 21:20:10

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A MAGS game by Billbis & Creamy

Will you convince your girlfriend's parents to let you marry her? The fact that you are half human, half octopus might be an issue.

Created for the March 2015 MAGS (theme "Monsters").

How to play:

Arrows: move the character
Space bar: Interact, skip text
Escape: Open/close menu
Enter: Select option from menu

Notable features
- HD graphics (1280 x 720)
- Three endings

Linux version:
use mirror download link

Many thanks to:
Khris for AltKeyboardMovement module
Pidem for the jingles
Berika for the kind proofreading
Kevin MacLeod for the lovely music


Congratulations on getting it done!!! Another monster for me to play with today after work! Looks great too!


This is cute! I like that the multiple tasks give the sense that you can fail things and still win the game, even if picking the right option did seem a little random.

A little thing that was confusing:

When arm wrestling, I thought I needed to use the arrow keys. Instead Topus walks around!

I got two of the endings, and I think I know how to get the third. Maybe I shall give it a try. :=

This made me smile, well done for completing it! :cheesy:


Thanks for playing! :)
Arm wrestling: Oups, I'll de-activate the arrow keys during the arm-wrestling (but after the MAGS vote are ended). We are quite unsure if it need a tutorial or not, with a tutorial it sounds to easy, without, it seems to confusing... Thanks for reporting!

Otherwise there is only one option with random consequence, and one a little bit unfair (a dialogue option with the mother about sweetness), while the other have kind of logical consequence, if you think hard enough with a point'n click logic. :-D
It's kind of OK because there is more available interactions than necessary to win the game.


Hehe, I know what you mean, but by "random" I guess I meant "The results of my actions were sometimes quite hard to predict." :=


This game was beautiful. I found it very relaxing. I had a lot of fun going through the first time and solving all of the puzzles the wrong way. My second playthrough was full of saving and restoring to get the other (best?) ending.

The only strikes against it would be a few interface issues, which I can understand due to time restraints:
As mentioned, it's possible to walk around while arm wrestling. The save/load dialogue doesn't disable other interactions either. Still needs more proofreading too.
Topus' charm overshadows these minor quibbles, however:
Both answers to the question about children were very cute.
A great little story. Thank you!

P.S. Is the answer to the clean/dirty linen question honestly random? I had some trouble with that. I seem to recall saving/restoring and getting two different outcomes.


A great little game that I finally found some time to play!!!

Very charming story and characters and a lovely clean look to the graphics.

I only had one real problem and that was that the game always crashed right after each ending, but maybe that's an issue with my computer?

Anyways: very well done!


***New version***

  • Now with a custom icon for the game
  • French translation. Many thanks Creamy!
  • Less bugs
  • Less typos (please send me a MP or post here if you notice more)

If you didn't play it seven month ago, while not give it a try now? And pretty please rate it on the database once you've played. :)
See you in six month for the gamepad support and source release. :P


Played, finished, enjoyed :) Nice and interesting game !

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