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Seems a good thing you don't hurt the russian censorship with your games, Blondbraid!   8-)

To be honest, I was wondering if the mentions of the commissar's sexuality would risk the game getting blocked in Russia.  (roll)

It seems the same Russian writer has also reviewed my other games in a new post today:)

How sad, I was curious of an historical crossover! But please consider in future a game about  the Prester John, Blondbraid!  :-*
I'm glad it piqued your interest, maybe in a future MAGS entry.

I recently finished playing Unavowed, and while I maintain that a content warning would have been necessary
and I think the lack of knowing about those themes beforehand really dragged the experience down for me,
it still is an otherwise well crafted and impressive game, and I can see why Yahtzee put it on his list of the top
five games of the year. The story has some great twists and turns, and the graphics and voice acting is top-notch.

My only complaint gameplay-wise was that the puzzles could feel both too easy and too obscure at times since it was
hard for me to tell exactly how I was supposed to use the abilities of the companions I chose, and choosing the cop origin
meant that Vicki often felt redundant to me as my player character already had cop-related dialogue options, plus I ended up
liking her personality less than the other followers in the game.

But other than that, it is an incredibly well made game that pushes the boundaries of what could be made in the AGS engine.

I was toying with the idea of making an entry, but since more than half the month has passed and all I have are three unfinished backrounds and I haven't even started on any game yet,
I'll save my time and energy for a better future project this month, but I hope  there'll be some good entries from you others.

Congratulations cat!

Awesome trailer, it reminds me of the Discworld adventure games!

General Discussion / Re: Kickstarter
« on: 16 Jan 2019, 16:51 »
Hi! I am not expert on the field, but one common mistake I have noticed on many kickstarter campaigns is that the developers refer more about the style of classic adventures from Lucasarts and Sierra and less about their own game. When I back a project, I would like to see a clear vision of the game.
I think that's a problem with many game pitches in general, constantly referencing other famous games and relying too much on people's nostalgia rather than creating an own and distinct identity for their game.
And at least for me, it's also important to show something concrete that proves that there is an actual project started and not just an idea on paper, like concept art, screenshots or similar stuff.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 15 Jan 2019, 22:02 »
I find the Flat Earth to be nonsense, and I believe a big part of the reason why we're seeing so many of them now is due to this trend that I've noticed,
where many media profiles and much of pop culture have popularized the idea that if there is a huge division between two sides, taking the position in the middle
will automatically mean that you're smarter, and that if there are two sides both sides will have a legitimate point and deserve equal time and attention for a fair debate.

However, this ignores that there actually are "debates", if you can call them that, that are matters that are black and white and there are things that are proven true by scientists.
Anti-vaxxers aren't equal to real doctors, crystal healing isn't equal to real medicine and flat-earthers aren't equal to thousands of year's worth of science, but people who think themselves
"enlightened centrists" who are above conventional dogma and just like, asking the hard questions man, like to pretend those things are equal and that questioning science is deep,
yet ignore the flat earth movement started as a joke and was never even trying to be science to begin with, and these types only serve to legitimize the fanatics who 100% believes their conspiracy theories.

Saying both flat-earthers and everyone else both makes good arguments is just stupid, it's not being neutral.
Trust me, I'm a Swede so I know a lot about being neutral.   :)

I'm always fascinated by the fact that what excites one person will bore another. Dwarffall, for instance, popped out to me as the most exciting entry. It caused my imagination to roam.

Different strokes for different folks.
For me, I'd say that a concept such as Dwarffall would depend very strongly on the execution, because while it could be an interesting exploration of denial the inevitable and societies destroyed from within,
it could just as easily devolve into a bunch of standard fantasy cliches and a Mary Sue hero who's the only one seeing what needs to be done and so on.

I haven't played the first game, but this was a very cute game and the felt animals were adorable!

Thanks a lot Durq and Creamy! Glad you liked my game.

Forcing the player to behave badly is an interesting topic. The interactive medium can do things other mediums cannot.
I love to explore these areas, so I decided to try it out in The Goat Crone.

I totally understand your opinion - it can feel very strange going against your will in a game.
In The Goat Crone, the player is playing as Alma - it's not a blank slate first person character - it's a character just like
Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. You just click instead of turning the page. So the actions are hers, not yours.

You might get more connected with the character, when you control his/her actions..
This is true, except you don't really control Almas actions, you just play out her actions.
If The Goat Crone offered a choice however, it would feel more like the player's choice than Almas choice.
This would work much better in a RPG for example, than in Tales From The Outer Zone, which is meant to be a linear story with written characters.

Some games have succeeded in doing a mix - like Unavowed. Still, in this kind of game, you don't really play AS the character - they have their own will. And at the same time you sometimes feel that the character is incoherent, as you can manipulate them into doing something out of character.
It is a hard thing to master, but an interesting thing to explore.

Thanks for your comment - Hope this made any sense :)
Having just played the game, I interpreted the scene as a young child not understanding the consequences of what she was doing, but I can understand Creamy's discomfort.
I too think a character with a will and personality separate from the player is interesting to explore but from my experience this generally works better when the character has
had their personality and motivations more fully established, and in the intro we still haven't learned much about Alma or what kind of person she is yet.

For me, Unavowed didn't work because your character was a customizable blank slate that you could project yourself on while still putting your character in very dark situations,
compared to an AGS game where I enjoyed the protagonist, Emily Enough, which establishes that the titular heroine is a murderer in an intro cutscene, but the player is merely steering
Emily rather than roleplaying their own character, and the player doesn't actively participate in any truly evil act Emily commits until well after we've already gotten to know her.

But back to The Goat Crone, I enjoyed the beautiful graphics and story although the ending reminded me a bit too much of M. Night Shaymalan's The Village, and I am curious as to see
your next game and weather you have plans for an extended universe of MAGS games.

My thoughts on the entries:

Santa and the Orphanage by Slasher
Spoiler: ShowHide
It was a simple fun game, but the section outside the workshop at the end was incredibly laggy when I played and it took all the fun out of what would otherwise have been a good minigame.

The Goat Crone by The Outer Zone
Spoiler: ShowHide
The game had a good story and great graphics alongside some good puzzles, but the Christmas theme was only a minor background element and the ending just felt like a random cliffhanger that made little sense unless you have played Cyborg Seppuku first.

Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas by Cat
Spoiler: ShowHide
Apart from some frustrating trial and error with the icicle puzzle, it was a really cute and wholesome game with a nice handcrafted look to everything.

I voted for:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas by Cat

I voted for the luck goblins, since it sounded like a fun premise to manipulate the environment around the guy you're protecting.

Again with this obsession with branching narratives! No wonder they cancelled it after giving themselves X times as much work making stuff that only a fraction of the players will ever see.
Indeed, some games are able to do it by using the same assets in the different paths (having the same locations and characters in all paths but changing the dialogue), but even then
almost the only games that really manage this are either visual novels that are mostly just text or AAA game with huge developer teams and budgets. There are exceptions, but they are few.
I hate to be negative - good luck to anyone who's supporting story-driven games. But I don't understand the motivation behind these campaigns. Petitioning Daedelic to sell the IP to another Dev, petitioning a publisher to re-release an old game - those make sense so me. But how many millions of signatures would it take to persuade them to revive a project they've already canned? Why not put our energy into supporting people who want to make a game?
I'm sad to say I agree. The screenshots are some of the most gorgeous images I've ever seen in a game and the premise sounds like great fun, but if all that exists of the game is the handful of backgrounds and characters shown in the screenshots it's hard to see why Daedelic (or any other devs they'd send the IP to) would restart and rebuild an entire project almost from scratch unless there was a really huge number of people who could show that they're willing to pay for the game if it gets developed.

Commissar's Contrapasso has gotten another review on a Russian blog!
It's in Russian, but from what I've been told the blogger considered the game a good depiction of Russian history!  ;-D

That's great to hear, thank you for telling me!  :-D

I agree that the info should be available for the people that want it. This reminds me of people objecting to games having easy modes, or story modes, which is particularly selfish when you remember that plenty of people have disabilities which mean that they can't just git gud at some things. Why shouldn't people be allowed to enjoy (or not enjoy) a game any way they want?

I don't think creators should be obliged to alter or censor their games when it comes to adult content. But I think it's thoughtful for devs to consider the different ways people want to approach a game.
That's a great analogy, because having an easy difficulty setting doesn't mean that the harder option isn't still available for those who still want a challenge, and similarly, content warnings doesn't mean that creators have to change or cut content from their works, just that people who have anxiety, depression or other disorders can know ahead of time, just as many movies and games already have warnings of blinking lights or flashing images for the sake of people with epilepsy.

While not a localization, I found that someone had written a lengthy review in Russsian for Commissar's Contrapasso. From running it through Goolgle translate,
I think that they liked the story but not the graphics, but it'd be nice if anyone in these forums who knows Russian would want to elaborate.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 12 Jan 2019, 18:19 »
Sorry, I meant "Xena: Warrior Princess" ... forgot how to spell it and I never seen more than a few scenes here and there.  :-[

You should definitively try watching a full episode some time, it's a great fun series that does a good job of being campy without feeling stupid.

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