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To release the demo of JORRY in English, I translated all french texts with g. translate and my english school level… :-[
I am looking for help for proofreading / correction of this english translation (about 1500 words).

If anyone is interested to help us, please contact me by mp or mail.
Thank you and happy holidays!

AGS Games in Production / Jorry [Demo available]
« on: 21 Dec 2017, 21:50 »


Demo review from AlphaBetaGamer
Demo review from Peach's Castle
Demo review from Softpedia

Jorry is a horror point & click inspired by the games of the 90's, including an action and survival gameplay.
Fully playable with the mouse, it requires dexterity for the combats and the logic for the riddles.
This game contains violent scenes in 16bit, it is intended for an adult audience...

Synopsis :
Claire regains consciousness tied up and trapped in an unknown room.
She does not remember anything, she feels like everything fell apart.
How to escape from this nightmare and who is this mysterious little girl who seems to know her?

Story: Arlann and Yann Conesa
Code and music: Arlann
Art and art direction: Yann Conesa

Resolution 320x200 16bit
Real time battles.
Retro particle effects.
Original music and sound effects
Contains zombies  :)

The game is scheduled for summer 2018.

Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Proofreading of English translation
« on: 23 Jul 2016, 14:28 »
Hi everybody,

I'm looking for someone who speaks English natively (or with a good level),
for proofread the English translation of a game that I developed in French.

About the game:
The survivors, is a  survival game on a desert island, which mix management and RPG action adventure.
I coded the game for fun in my spare time using sprites ripped from commercial games to exercise myself in programming.

The game is completed, you can download the French version here : Les Survivants
And see a gameplay overview in that video
I can offer you the uncorrected English version by private message if you want to test the game more easily.

If you like the project and you have time to proofread (7400 words), thanks to contact me.


In my game in development, I've noticed that the function Object.MergeintoBackground,
don't works when the engine run in Direct3D but works fine in DirectRaw.

But in a fresh testing project with the same game settings i don't have this problem with my code.
So i'm looking for the problem in my room structure.

My project use the 3.3.4 AGS version in a 800*600 resolution with 16bit colors.
I call this function in my main room, a scrolling one in 1600*1200.
This room contains 36 objects ID and some of them are animate.
Is it too big for Direct3D ? But it works well in DirectRaw.

A similar bug was fixed in the version 3.2.1.
* Fixed Object.MergeIntoBackground not working with Direct3D driver
Can it be a link with my problem...?

Thanks for your help !

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