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General Discussion / don't widdle those buttons
« on: 23 Mar 2014, 03:38 »

256 is easy with some random confusion tactics, there might be a system to it. Or it is just random appearing tiles like the ever missing long tetris tile...

edit: contemplating some more, this is real tight. somebody prove this is possible pls!  ;-D

I hope this thread belongs here and not in Editor scripting questions.

I unzipped all the files of AGS 3.3.0 onto my HDD and it runs like it should from where I placed these files when clicking ASGEditor.exe. But when I click on an AGS project's main *.agf files win7 doesn't know what to do with it. At first win7 opened the files with 3.2.1 as I still had it installed. As I want to use 3.3.0 now I just deleted the 3.2.1 files as I found no uninstall, so win7 couldn't open *.agf files with AGS 3.2.1 anymore and I get the 'open file with?' dialog window. I navigate to the AGS 3.3.0 folder and chose AGSEditor.exe. I click it and nothing happens, the AGS Editor is not added to the list of programs win7 tries to open the filetype with. The AGS runtime engine can be selected though and now is connected to *.agf files, but that doesn't work and I get an error everytime clicking an *.agf file.
What do I do? How can I delete wrong entries from the open filetype with-list and how can I connect .agf files to AGSEditor 3.3.0?

General Discussion / The Zero Theorem
« on: 23 Feb 2014, 01:17 »
So Terry Gilliam made a new film. And it's in cinemas, not on kickstarter \o/

Qohen Leth is an eccentric and reclusive computer genius who lives in an Orwellian corporate world and suffers from existential angst. He waits for a phone call explaining the meaning of life. Under the instruction of a shadowy figure known only as “Management”, Qohen works to solve the “Zero Theorem”, a mathematical formula derived from Big Crunch theory.

The fate of the universe as a black hole singularity is purported to show that life has no purpose. Qohen’s work in the burnt-out chapel that serves as his home is interrupted by visits from Bainsley, a seductive woman, and Bob, the teenage son of Management.

funkey trailer:

Completed Game Announcements / Don't Push The Button
« on: 18 Feb 2014, 00:43 »

So how can you make a game even simpler than Floaty Rog' or Flappy Bird?

Just play Don't Push The Button and resist the temptation!

* one huge, bad and tempting red button
* some more colors
* a nifty timer
* options and customisation even more useless than the game itself

Stay tuned for the DLC extension pack that does nothing at all!

made with AGS 3.3.0


General Discussion / I'm off to the Casino
« on: 12 Jan 2014, 19:10 »

General Discussion / Styled Map of Shanghai
« on: 19 Dec 2013, 18:07 »
Baidu illustrated the map of Shanghai quite brilliant. This is cooler and more sim city than any maps app yet. This must have taken quite some time :)

map click

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Point and click Adventure
« on: 11 Dec 2013, 20:32 »
It works and there is a solution

Site & Forum Reports / bbcodes in bugtracker
« on: 20 Nov 2013, 22:17 »
I know the bugtracker is not that frequently used but having to type bbcodes while quickly reporting a bug is even more discouraging. Please add these there too.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Humble Daedalic Bundle
« on: 08 Nov 2013, 22:15 »
nice selection, I hope they add more deponia episodes close to the end...

it's an interesting read and his pictures are really good!

invest in the future of retro gaming! :D

Hello Weavers!

As you might have read in the last update thread, release date for Forge: Chapter One has been set to the first half of December 2013.

Anyway, we still need a 3rd stage of beta-testing to wipe out Chaos' minions, the ones that blended so well in the Pattern of Reality and made it this far in the testing process.
Do you still remember the Draft of Cleaning?
It's time to blow the dust away from your Book of Patterns and wield your Distaff once again.

You're officially invited to the island of Loom.

Enter the Rift, NOW!

See you there,
Quill O' the Wisp Team


I want to move in with Mojang now! Classy as hell!

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Sepulchre *Spoilers*
« on: 20 Sep 2013, 21:06 »
So what are these huge bags?
The first obvious thought that comes to my mind are coffins.
But maybe they are more. Like a symbol for the train where our hero is trapped alone like in a coffin. When travelling in a moving coffin like the train you have your whole life stuffed into a bag, like all your life, your good deeds and sins get stuffed into a coffin on your final travel.
But maybe I'm missing the bigger picture with all these creepy characters like the garbeling man and the barkeeper that is not there (who reminds me of shining a lot), what's your opinion.
Is the hero dead already or just crazy?

Not that it surprises me in any way, but the scope of this is really frightening
washington post
ars technica

Hints & Tips / Deep Hope
« on: 04 Jun 2013, 22:17 »
I was sent back to the bag again to get the seal statue and he says he wants to look around some more for more statues but I can't find any more, can't get any new dialoges, what do I do now?

The new Coloring Ball Challenge. This time with a twist.

Chose one word that has one distinct opposite, like night (opposite: day), giant (opposite: dwarf), Anakin Skywalker (opposite: Darth Vader), Love (opposite: hate) and so on.
Draw this into the shape given below, post it and tell us what your word with an opposite is. Then, when more and more entries get posted, you chose one of the entries by someone else and draw the opposite for this entry into the same shape and post this too. Be creative, maybe someone was not that distinct and drew water and you can now either draw fire or ice or whatever you think is the opposite if water...
There will be a voting in the end and both your entries are voted on. So if you deliver only one entry chances are you receive no votes at all.
There can be multiple opposite drawings for one first drawing, so multiple people can chose to draw the opposite for one first picture.
And to make it even more interesting, every time your first entry is chosen for an oppositedrawing you instantly get one vote for the end votings. So participants vote by chosing which opposite they draw already. So draw a nice first image so a lot of people want to be your opposite.
If you are really dedicated you give your part either a lighter or a darker color to have some real yin yang feeling in the end.

the shape

1. the outline is part of the shape and you can replace it with your own colors. Fill the outline and every red pixel.
2. You can use any number of colors.
3. You are not allowed to resize or mirror or rotate the shape, but for the second entry you should rotate it by 180°
4. Have fun!

3 weeks should be enough for 2 filled coloringballs, so the deadline for both sides of the story is Sunday, the 16th of June.


and still I have no idea yet how to presents the results for the voting...

Or maybe we could have a TV series.
you mean like game of thrones? Or do you mean with less boobies?

The Rumpus Room / ms paint trolling on dating website
« on: 05 May 2013, 00:00 »
Hi pretty girl! I'm abit of an artist... would you like me to sketch you?
this guy is perfect in highlighting the ugly aspects  :-D

Engine Development / Skinning the winsetup
« on: 24 Apr 2013, 13:28 »
Would it be possible to have another tab in the editor where you could custom skin the winsetup display. Like a custom background image and move around and resize the buttons and dropdownmenues to your likings?
For the latter part I imagine having some checkboxes in the properties where you can just turn on/off the visibility of the menu items so that noone has to search all that long if he accidentaly deleted a button.
Also customizing the font color and background colors and frames of the displays and dropdownboxes would be neat :)
also custom icons for mini/maximize and close and the ability to drag them around and also custom forms (who wants to be square all the time?) would be really great!

Should I add a feature request/suggestion to the tracker? Also, if this is engine related (which I doubt) please move it there.

is it possible to start a game via the command line to bypass the winsetup? I found nothing in the the help, forum and wiki but I think I've seen it somewhere.

I tried playing Platformerius, but the game page linked to a broken site that was even blacklisted in firefox  8-0. the archive i finally found on the ags archives behaved strange when extracting and didn't have a winsetup. And when running the game exe i get this:

Then again I wouldn't know to what graphics setting I should set the game if 320x200 doesn't work.
maybe the fitting winsetup for this game might help, if there ever was one.

I don't know if this is the correct forum, so I added a question about the command line to the start :D

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