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Hasn’t this ship sailed? Everyone seems to have quietened right down about crypto and none of them are driving Ferrari’s yet.
Doesn't that make now the best time to buy then?
So then we can sell when it's popular again!
Or we could just get into the stock market.  :-\
I honestly don't know much about crypto currency.
I plan to submit a two-room "game" tentatively titled Roger in Planet of the Apes.
Awww, what a combination  (laugh)

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« Last Post by Danvzare on Today at 13:07 »
which above certain levels causes autism and psychiatric disorders
Psychiatric disorders, maybe. Heck, probably. I don't know much about that part, but it sounds plausible.
But autism. Seriously!
Do you even know what autism is! That's like saying it'll make you left handed, or gay, or black, or dyslexic!
You can't become autistic after birth.  (wrong)

which above certain levels
Is undoubtedly critical though. We certainly don't need another wave of 'vaccines cause autism' scares to bring back yet more deaths by preventable diseases.
Ah, now THAT sounds reasonable.
Basically, it's like pointing out that water is poisonous if drank in high enough quantities.   (laugh)

Now the thing that grinds my gears, is that hardcore Pokemon fans, never seem to realise that canonically in the games, Pokemon don't say their name.
I don't mind that the casual Pokemon fans don't know that, but the hardcore fans definitely should!
The only Pokemon that says its name outside of the anime is Pikachu, the rest make animal noises. For proof, just read the manga, play the games, or watch Pokemon Origins.
General Discussion / Re: Kiddens - Mittens with Kids
« Last Post by manifest class on Today at 10:13 »
I'd be good to meet during my vacation in July, but we would need something drivable from Ottawa, Canada.  :embarrassed: Were you thinking Canada/US? Europe somewhere? I never attended a Mittens, but always wanted to give it a go!

'Grown up' Mittens is likely to be Australia this year. This thread is about a more family friendly spin off.

That's what I meant. I would be going with my wife and son.
Hello everybody,

let me introduce myself.
I am Maurizio De Angelis, and I am honored to present you the project whose I am co-author along with my brother Francesco.

Detective Gallo is a point&click comic-noir adventure which is entirely hand-illustrated and hand-animated, whose protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case. The story tells about five exotic plants that have been victims of a serial murder. Thanks to the support of his cactus assistant (yes, you understood well!), it will be up to Gallo to investigate, interrogating bizarre characters e solving puzzles that will put his insight and his patience to the test.

We have released our AGS game on 30th May 2018 and we are happy to share with you this important goal for us 😊

-   Hand-illustrated Cartoon-Noir styled characters and backgrounds (1920x1080 FullHD)
-   Frame-by-frame hand-animated characters with more sets of animations
-   Intriguing comedy/mystery plot to solve
-   All locations explorable and functional to story since the beginning to the end
-   Exponential difficulty of puzzles according to locations being gradually unlocked
-   Graphic variations of the locations based on story development
-   Game Diary recapping accomplished and current goals
-   User-friendly and minimal interface not covering the screen

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« Last Post by Tycho Magnetic Anomaly on Today at 08:20 »
Oh, sorry for not announcing the end of the contest. I've been a bit preoccupied the last couple of days. Since people are revealing their identities, let's skip the guessing and go straight to the list of contestants:

Snarky: Dash & Nicky in: Serum Scarum
Durinde: Dwarffall
artium: Serious Games
Stupot: Bedroom Vigilante
Durq: The Cripple in the Castle
Bulbapuck: The Luck Goblins
selmiak: the bookworm
TheFrighter: Luxury item mayhem

So congratulations to Bulbapuck!

Well done. I loved the world you created in a couple of sentences, and you got my vote. I also really liked The Cripple in the Castle, so it came down to a tough choice between those two for me.

Thanks to those of you who voted for or said nice things about Dash & Nicky. I'm a big fan of Tintin and (particularly) Spirou, and think they would work really well as adventure games. It's actually a bit curious to me that there haven't been more adaptations or fangames of these and other classic Franco-Belgian comics. Or maybe comics that had their glory days in the 1940s-60s and never made it to the US are even more niche than adventure games in the first place. Anyway, since it has to be an original property for the contest, I came up with a slight spin on it (though in my mind's eye, the art is totally by Franquin). I had a lot of fun with the names; "Addlepaight-DeRange" as the name of an eccentric aristocratic clan cracks me up.

I now have an embarrassing admission and public apology. My entry was Bedroom Vigilante. It wasn’t until I saw cat’s comment that I realized I had essentially ripped off Snarky’s idea from the previous round. It’s made even worse by the fact that I even voted for Snarky’s pitch last time and thought it was brilliant. But had completely forgotten all about it by the time I came to write my pitch for this month. So sorry, Snarky.

Oh, no worries. I think they're different enough, and these are just ideas anyway.

In fact, Bedroom Vigilante wasn’t initially supposed to be a Rear Window ‘em up at all. When I first started thinking about it I was thinking of the book “Sorry, Wrong Number” which I read last month. It’s about an invalid woman on her own in an apartment who, due to some crossed wires, learns of a plot to murder a woman (her). The whole book (film, play etc) is set in one room and the woman makes a lot of phone calls in order to eventually find out the truth. It was from there that I thought I could combine it with Rear Window and have the protagonist solve a series of crimes with the telephone. So Snarky’s pitch may have been in the back of my mind somewhere but I wasn’t consciously thinking of that when it came to my pitch.

I know it as a radio play, which might be the perfect format for it:

In answer to your questions, Snarky, I didn’t actually intend for the character to be unlikeable. I actually envisioned him as just a downtrodden guy who’s just had enough of being too scared to leave his room and decides to do his bit to make the streets a little safer.

He comes across a little Travis Bickle/Death Wish-y.

As far as examples go, I imagined there would be multiple solutions to every puzzle but you’d also be looking at routines. So, for example, you would use the phone to send a pizza delivery to inturrupt a crime or call a public phone box to warn a passer by of a mugger waiting just around the corner. That kind of thing but preferably with lots of little side-stories and mini-character arcs.

Cool, thanks.
This round was super interesting. A big thank you to the two people who voted for my pitch - Dwarffall. It was interesting watching the little bit of debated it generated while watching from the sidelines.

First off, congratulations to this rounds winner. Luck Goblins didn't really fall on my radar in terms of pitches, but I feel that it is a fun concept and could make an great game!

My vote went to Dash and Nicky. I felt it was a fun concept that lent itself well to the adventure game format. The pitch wore its influences on its sleeve which presented to me a clear picture of what the final product could be.

If I could pick a runner up, it would be Cripple in the Castle. There are so many elements giving a sense of the journey, and a clear goal at the end. It feels like the protagonist has gone through a lot, and there is a lot of "darkness" in the story, that I feel that I'd have to be in the right frame of mind to play the final product. I received a "I have no mouth and I must scream" vibe in terms of the world around the player being bleak, but there is hope at the end.

In terms of the extra questions asked about Dwarffall

I did write a couple of pages of backstory after I submitted the initial pitch. I enjoyed writing it, but I'm not sure I will take the idea much further than this point.

I know to some it the "gathering resources" bit may have shifted perspectives to more of a strategy game, and that is a weakness in the pitch... i pictured it more of adventure gamey thing where in the context of the story the economy is quickly degrading, so items and resources would be gained more by filling a request or a desire rather than plopping down a sack full of coins to buy the needed supplies.

The character would be a trader and one of the few dwarves that regularly leaves the safety of the fortress and interacts with other races. I thought the trading bit would tie in well in terms of bringing about a negotiation a conversation aspect to the game.

Why the family doesn't want to leave? Again this would be another "puzzle" aspect and would depend on the family member. Sister and husband are due for a new baby and worry about giving birth on the road.. so can you guarantee her the baby will be delivered in a safe space? Your Aunt died a few years ago and your Uncle is reluctant to leave her body behind. A brother is a member of the Dwarven guard and has taken an oath to defend the fortress no matter what. Etc.......   Fail to convince them, and they will be left behind when you leave the fortress for the final time.

Anyway looking forward to the next round.
Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« Last Post by Gilbert on Today at 02:07 »
The problem was that the Engine Limit page was not marked "Manual Entry" so it did not have that large warning box on top of it.
I've now deleted all the pages marked as "Manual Entry" (with the first page giving a link to the updated online manual, as this page is still being linked by the Main page) plus the Engine Limit page.
There are certainly many other outdated pages but I'd rather leave them as-is and only act "on-demand" to avoid complications.
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