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Ok, I mentioned this in the 3.1 beta thread but I don't think anyone noticed, so I'll try again.

The next version of AGS will include a "Tip of the Day" area on the Start Page, to give you random tips on using AGS.
Initially I have two:
"You can right-click sprites and use Assign To View to easily set up views"
"You can right-click a variable in the script and use Go TO Definition to see wher eit was defined"

Does anyone else have any suggestions for tips? Ideally these would be things you can do in AGS that aren't immediately obvious and are easily missed.

Don't have much in my mind ATM, I think something like:

"Object index starts from 0"
"xx index starts from 0"

May get to this later.

"You can right-click the colour palette (in 256-colours mode) to export it to or replace it."

"Click the pulldown menu at the top of a script to easily navigate through it."

Not sure how to phrase this, but:
"Use #DEFINE to make AGS recognise a word as a value. Example: #DEFINE Left 1  will make AGS recognise the word Left as the number 1."

I'm not sure that #define macros would be a good idea for a tip of the day as it would be likely to confuse beginners.

I do have some suggestions for this though:

1) Could it be made possible to view the Start Page without having to open it with the editor? AFAIK unless it's the first page opened, it doesn't open at all. I don't normally want it opened, but I would find it useful to look and see what everyone else is seeing from time to time. ;)
2) Could Tip of the Day be made into a window that could also be opened separately (in its own tab perhaps), from say, the Help menu?
3) Would it be reasonable for a "Next tip" option?
4) Could the tips have hyperlinks to relevant help file entries and/or game tabs?

As for the actual tips...

-Trying to use variables between several scripts? Take a look at the Global variables pane where you can create variables to use in all your scripts. For functions, see import.
-Trying to set up that first character and feeling a bit lost? First you'll need to import the sprites into the Sprite Manager. Next, assign the sprites to a View. Finally, set the view in the character's properties window.
-For smooth-edged sprites you can use alpha channeled sprites. However, these are only available in 32-bit mode, so consider this carefully as it will run more slowly on some older systems.
-Looking for a scripting solution that you're not quite sure how to tackle yourself? Check out the script modules in the AGS forums! Many useful scripts have been provided to make your job easier.

Things like that I guess would be useful for new users.

Some of these are serious:

Take two bottles in to the shower? I just want to wash and go!

Trouble managing lots of audio files? You could try the media manager editor plugin (LINK)

There's lots of information in the AGS Wiki (LINK) about scripting and AGS topic in general

If you find that MS Paint isn't powerful enough for you, check out the big list of paint programs in the forums (LINK)

Does your artwork need a little help? Check out the tutorials thread (LINK) on the forums

For the latest goings on in AGS and game reviews, check out SSH's AGS blog

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