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Thanks for the tip, Morgan, I'll make sure to update allegro.

Code signing (and app notarization) is the last step you want to perform.  If you modify the app bundle after it has been code signed, that will invalidate the signing.  However, it is possible to build the app and then code sign once you have the completed bundle.  Of the AGS games I've ported (and other projects), it is possible to manually code sign the app so Xcode (or even the source code) is not necessary.

As far as I know, you need to be using the newer (and custom) Allegro version from the repository in order to have the colours work correctly:

One issue I struggled to test is whether the signing for an app bundle is invalidated when the game data file changes:
I don't suppose you know the answer?

Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
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Is it important which Mac i'll buy for coding (I'm starting to learn java java script and c  )? Is any real differences between these ( ) Macs?

Thank you!

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Re: AGS engine Mac OS X port
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In coding, it's useful to have a big, high-resolution screen, and of course a comfortable keyboard. Keyboard quality has been a problem on some recent MacBook models (google "mac butterfly keyboard"), so that's something to look out for. The precise model shouldn't matter much otherwise, I don't think.