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As you know, sometimes we manage to choose and feature a pick of the month, and try and do this monthly. But it's not always possible.

So why not open it up to the community, which game would you choose as pick of the month, and why? If you write the title, link and up to 100 words describing why you would pick said game (what's good about it, why does it deserve your pick etc), we may very well feature it, so that we can keep a new one up each month. As you'll notice there has not been a pick for September yet.

The only rule is: Don't pick your own or your team's game (or one you had direct involvement with)!

When we can't do it, we'll refer to the community pick. So get picking!

Thank you :)

Previous picks:

Is there a list of the games "allowed" in?

Hi Miguel - any game in the AGS database qualifies :)

Games that perhaps didn't get much attention or weren't really spotlighted when they were released, though something made them stand out to you perhaps :) Or, if you just want to discuss games that were perhaps under-rated on release or such that's fine. This topic can be used for people to discuss games they would pick and why, even if they don't intend for it to be used on the picks feature of the site ;)

Ah, okay,
I thought that pick of the month was about games made in the month that it refers or recent to that month. And that they would be showcasing AGS capabilities in order to grab new devs.

Nope not really, though it has often happened where the release and the pick have happened close together (just the way people play some of the newer games more than the older ones I guess...) So this is basically just a request for contribution to one of the site's actual features, top of the page here - :) Your chance to be credited for a Pick of the Month! If it's a good one of course ;)


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