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TEMPLATE: Tumbleweed Verbs 1.4

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This is the long overdue overhaul of the classic 9 Verbs template:
Tumbleweed Verbs!

Here are a few highlights:

Thimbleweed(tm) mode
x1 x2 x4 x8

A new save&load system
x1 x2 x4 x8

...while offering the classic SCUMM experience
x1 x2 x4 x8

And it still speaks your local language... sort of ;)
x1 x2 x4 x8

A more complete feature list:

* cancelable interactions, no need to wait until the character reaches the object/hotspot etc
* doubleclick to exit locations
* all new template graphics
* contains a scrollable dialog gui
* running with a double click
* contains a nice door script in case you have lots of those
* customizable: invent your own verbs, remove a few or add even more
* helps with unhandled events
* player follows the cursor while running (if the mouse button is pressed)
* complete code cleanup: all functions are in structs
* all settings can be reached and modified anytime
* all settings are conveniently grouped in a separate script file
* translations available for Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch
* includes two demo rooms to get you started
* it comes with a manual :)




For historic reasons, here's an outdated version of the manual ;)

Great!!!. It's really useful . Nice job!!

nice! Can you integrate this into the normal LA template?

This looks great!  Thanks for all the hard work that's going into it.

Calin Leafshade:
Forgive my ignorance but what is the "Thimbleweed mode"?

It looks the same to me.


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