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Suburb street (Work-in-progress)
« on: 03 Mar 2019, 15:44 »

I've been working on this one for a while. The idea is to build an adventure game in a fictional US-based city. This is quieter area of town with some shops with some apartments above them. I'm looking for a style that would work, be realistic but also still not too realistic looking (since that would increase development time by... a lot.

Any feedback on the style, the lighting, the colour palette, etc, would be greatly appreciated.

The coffee shop & post office (on the corners) are the more basic ones. The electronics store still has posters to go up, etc. But I want to move on from this one for now, so I can continue towards building a workable prototype for the style of game I'm aiming for.


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Re: Suburb street (Work-in-progress)
« Reply #1 on: 03 Mar 2019, 17:17 »
It looks very basic as for now, and i think it should stay that way until you have drawn all "roughs" for your game.
Looking at Thimbleweed Parks blog forexample. Wireframes until the end of the game when they got the real art and replaced it, and considering how easy it is too replace images in AGS, i would suggest you do the same! I finalised one art "almost" but it took like a day or two to make it so good. Its time consuming. At the same time i really dont know what you are aiming for as end goal for your "artstyle"?
Im gonna jump into the land of "scrolling huge bakgrounds" soon myself!  (laugh).

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Re: Suburb street (Work-in-progress)
« Reply #2 on: 03 Mar 2019, 20:44 »
I love it, you're missing some shadows from the tree and plant bed fences though.
The Electro-Nick sign I think could use a redesign, maybe give it some bubble writing to make it pop a bit, the font looks a bit off to me.
When it's in action I'd love to see the odd pedestrian walk by, give it some life.

Good luck with the project!


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Re: Suburb street (Work-in-progress)
« Reply #3 on: 04 Mar 2019, 14:03 »
It's quite basic, which I absolutely love.
The font on "Electric - Nick" looks a bit off. You'll have to fix it up.
The pavement looks way too smooth. Maybe try adding noise, or scattered dithering. Either one will do. Just make it look less smooth.
The few empty pixels in the tree's foliage doesn't quite look right. I can't say why.  :-\
That fence thing to the left of "Cuppa - Joe", what even is that? It's a grey X, with a orange rectangle behind it, and what I can only assume is a yellow sky above it.

Overall though, I love it.