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Herd is Coming
« on: 13 May 2019, 01:04 »
  "Herd is Coming" is a survival RPG set in a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies. It's the story of Mike who's survived for 10 years since the outbreak.

  Ten years have passed since the outbreak, food has been decayed already. Survivors had to find another way to feed themselves, eventually they did. Desperately, they started eating zombies they killed. As time goes by, they are used to it. Now, the new world is described as the world of mutual cannibalism.

  In this ruthless world, Mike has managed to survive by travelling and scavenging continuously. However, Mike has run into less and less people over the years. Mike worries about decreasing number of survivors and he feels he has to do something about it.

  Release date : 10.06.2019. Playable demo will be available before the game release. AGS version is 3.4.1.

  For detailed information, please visit the game page on Steam :

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This looks wicked. All the best with it :-)

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That animation is so smooth, your sprite file must be massive!
Hope you didn't import those frames one by one.  ;)
Looks very interesting!