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So yeah.

I suppose I'm not the only one whose experience of the COVID-19 pandemic feels slightly surreal. Something we've been hearing about for months, but very far away, gradually spreading and coming nearer and nearer (I remember following the news over the last few weeks… OK, it's in Korea, on Tenerife, in Italy, in Finland, in Norway… in the local school), with people only slowly starting to take it seriously. Until things start to move very rapidly and we're all on lockdown.

The streets are so quiet now, with most people working from home and with restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, libraries and other public gathering places closed. Some store shelves are empty (though the panic-buying appears to have abated). So many little ways in which we take precautions. On buses, the space around the driver is cordoned off. People struggle to break habits to shake hands or hug. I stopped at a gas/charging station to charge my car, and an attendant was wiping down the charging handles and touch screens with disinfectant; inside, all the pastries were bagged up, and if you wanted a hot dog you couldn't help yourself to ketchup and mustard, they were placed behind the counter. Life goes on for most of us, but just not quite as normal.

I hope you're all staying healthy. If you're in isolation, quarantine or just "self-isolating," it's a good time to play some AGS games, eh?

Or create some AGS Games! :-D

But yes, you are right. I am one of those lucky bastards that can stay at home for long periods of time without worrying about if i can pay the bills or not..But still you got to get those groceries, i suppose :shocked:
You've buckled up those tincans?  :-\
So many "we are going to die" people on my facebook, keep bumping that one up. Was so long ago i ate that kind of food, but if there's any time for it. I guess it's now! (laugh)

I have been sent home from work for the next few weeks with the responsibility of keeping myself safe and well so I can come in to replace anyone who gets sick. I'm basically being paid to stay at home and shutter myself in. It's left me with a lot of free time, since I can't really go out socialising or anything like that. I will no doubt be using some of that time to practice developing with AGS, but I really wish it was under better circumstances.

I would urge people to use reputable news sources when it comes to gathering information on the virus, as I have seen a lot of misinformation being spread... especially on social media. It's very easy to see emotionally-targeted headlines or photos and start feeling the panic set in, so going to trusted news outlets to get accurate information from credible experts can help keep the facts straight in your head and certainly helps me feel less panicked. (I recommend the Reuters news service, they are an international news organisation which is not tied to any individual country or political ideology, they cross-reference everything they post and make multiple revisions on articles as the information changes, and they are consistently rated as the least-biased news source under independent review.)

My country has closed all schools, universities, and childcare facilities for the next two weeks, and it caused a sudden rush of crowds heading to the grocery stores to stockpile supplies. When I went to the shops after the announcement there were lots of empty shelves. At no point was it suggested that any food or supplies in general would become short, the only changes were that the education institutes would close, but people jumped to conclusions and raced out to buy far more than they need, depriving others of the essential items like bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper, etc. The supermarkets have plenty of supplies in the warehouses, the stores are all completely re-stocked already! No need for anyone to stockpile.

I could talk about this all day, but I'll finish up by saying that escapism is very important in situations like this. Sure, stay on top of the major announcements and events, but you need to switch off your brain too so that you don't get overwhelmed. So lose yourself in a good book, binge watch that series that you've been meaning to get around to, or dive into playing (or creating) a new game and follow another character's story for a while. This world is tough to handle at the moment, there's nothing wrong with wrapping yourself up in another one for a while.

Laura Hunt:
I'm in Gran Canaria spending a few days with my mom and even though things here are really calm and under control, I've decided to cut my trip short and return to Berlin tomorrow morning in case of overnight border closings, flight restrictions, etc. My office is closed and we're to work from home for the next 15 days or so. I'm used to spending lots of time at home (introverts unite! But far from each other!) so this won't be an issue for me, but I'm concerned about all the asshole Hamsterkäufer leaving the rest of us without any supplies. Germany is reacting super slow though (Berlin clubs are being closed on Tuesday instead of right now because god forbid that people have their weekend ruined!), so let's see how this whole thing develops... (roll)

By the way, isn't "global pandemic" a pleonasm? :-D

It's the same over here JackPutter, they even decided to use the excuse to close the border today until then 13th april.  (roll) Of course, if you're a national or driving a truck in/out with supplies you still can cross the border... just turists can't. Considering that the 1st that tested positive here was a danish journalist that returned from a conference in Germany, I don't see how stopping tourists only will help anything. They're likely not the ones going to visit sick relatives in the hospital or the ones in a resting home.  (roll)

My husband was shopping this morning, like he does every Saturday morning, where we get milk and fresh bread. No fresh bread cause of the virus, and no milk cause of the hoarders... and then one other costumer was complaining about how bad it was that there was no milk and yadda yadda, and finished with "It's good I bought 15 liters yesterday!"  8-0 My husband felt like hitting him.  :-\

PS - This is not the pasteurized milk that can hold a month or more, but the kind that can hold about a week...


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