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Crimson Wizard:
The old forum thread may still be found here. Please beware that it was started many years ago and may contain alot of outdated information.

This new thread is dedicated to discussing the Linux port of AGS engine. Following is a brief cover of the topic.

AGS engine runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux.
To run AGS games on Linux you need the Linux engine and a game data.
The same game data may be run by any engine port. Some ports require repacking it up in certain way (e.g. packing into APK for Android). For Linux this is not necessary.
Note that you may even use games created for e.g. Windows, because Windows version of a game is usually just an engine exe with game data appended to it. Normally any engine port can detect the game data in a file and load it up itself.

Currently the v3.x.x engine branch supports running games created with AGS 2.50 and higher.

If you have an engine executable coming with the game itself you may run it, or use a startup script supplied by the game authors.
If you have an engine installed on your system, all you have to do is to go into the game's directory and run the engine from there. Alternatively: run the engine, passing path to the game dir as a command line argument.

More information about command line args and runtime configuration may be found in our repository:

Building games for Linux in the Editor

When you compile your game using the Editor, it produces "raw" game data in Compiled/Data directory. These files alone may be enough to run a game using an engine port.

However, Editor also comes with an optional feature that lets you deploy for Linux using a prebuilt Linux engine and libraries. Please note that these will normally run only on Debian and related systems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc). For other systems you, or your users (players) would have to either build an engine from sources or get one from the system's maintainers (see more info below).
To use this feature make sure you have installed the "Linux build component" along with the editor. This creates a "Linux" subfolder inside the Editor's program folder. After that a "Linux" option will become available for selection in "Build targets" list in the General Settings of your game project. The compiled game for linux will be placed into Compiled/Linux folder.


1. As of time of writing, because the linux files will be deployed on a Windows machine, the engine and launch scripts will loose their "executable" flags. The only known solution currently is to move these files onto the Linux machine and set this flag there before creating an archive. Alternatively, the users themselves may do that after your game's installation.

2. If your game uses any engine plugins, you MUST supply linux variants of these. If these are not available, the only workaround is to modify the script of your game specifically for Linux version to avoid relying on these plugins or using any plugin's commands. Otherwise the game won't run correctly, or at all.

Getting a stand-alone Linux engine

There are roughly 3 ways you may get a Linux engine onto your system.

1. Our build server makes engine binaries and Debian packages, runnable on Debian and related systems.These may be downloaded from Releases section of our repository:

2. Some system maintainers may include ags engine into the official list of packages; in such case you may install the engine using your system software. Usually that may be found using a package manager on your OS, or asking system maintainers for information.

3. If nothing of above works, or you simply want to, you may build the engine yourself from the sources.
Our repository is:
The information on Linux port may be found here:

We have a Makefile, so if you prefer using make, then it may be as easy as

--- Code: ---cd Engine

--- End code ---
(assuming you have all the dependencies installed)

If you prefer CMake, then refer to

If you encountered bugs or have feature suggestions, you may open an issue in our tracker.

Any other useful information may be added to this post later.


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