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Lighting in 2D games

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Hi, I am looking for examples of lighting usage in 2D games. Here's an example from the game Backbone:

I would like to look into examples and see what games are doing, but I don't have much information on this. Any ideas and things you have seen in other games? I am looking at strictly games that are either 2D or really close to 2D. If it's an adventure, it's more interesting, but it doesn't have to be.

Also found an interesting tutorial on casting shadows in top down 2D:


Here are some examples of lighting I have done.  These are all done in EGA with palette shifting.  The links are a little weird and you may have to set them to "loop" but they generally give a good idea of how I'm doing it.  I really love the way lighting looks like this.  I wish I could figure out a way in AGS to do this sort of thing dynamically.  It could be done since you would essentially just be swapping one color for another and you could make a kind of mask character or something and move one color to another either lighter or darker as it comes within the mask.

Isn't a lot of "dynamic" 2D game lighting actually some kind of 3D effect done with normal maps and such? At least for characters? Using something like this?

Anyway, I've seen quite a few 2D adventures use funky lighting. Distraint, for instance, or Claire, or The Long Reach, spring to mind, although I'm not sure that they use anything more than simple graphical effects.

I remember once encountering a tech demo made in Flash that showed off bump-mapping. The light source followed the cursor, and it was very cool, especially since it was entirely 2D (this IS Flash we're talking about after all).
After spending a little time looking for it though, I can't seem to find it. But it's no wonder, I think it was about 6 years ago when I last saw it, and Flash has been discontinued since then.


--- Quote ---The light source followed the cursor, and it was very cool, especially since it was entirely 2D
--- End quote ---

Awesome bumb has that too.

Edit: I was a bit in hurry last night... Just wanted to add that this prog. is open source, so maybe it won't be too far fetched, for those of you with the skills, to make a plugin. :) Assuming AGS can process this fast enough.


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