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Author Topic: UTF8 ready pixel fonts  (Read 339 times)


UTF8 ready pixel fonts
« on: 05 Jun 2022, 15:59 »
Hi, I would like to invite people who have pixel fonts that are UTF-8 ready to share here!

I made a repository to stash them here:
You can see fonts in the engine web build here:

k8x12j🔽📜Incomplete12 px
Lana Pixel🔽📜Almost Complete11 px
Pixel Locale🔽📜Incomplete9 px
Pixel Operator🔽📜Very Incomplete16 px
Pixel Operator 8🔽📜Very Incomplete8 px
Pixel Unicode🔽📜Incomplete16 px
Unifont🔽📜Complete16 px

This is probably not the appropriate place in the forum, so if there's a better place for it, please move it!  8-)
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Re: UTF8 ready pixel fonts
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jun 2022, 00:27 »
What about the "Modules, Plugins & Tools"? It already has a WFN fonts thread. We need to ask Gilbert or Dualnames if that's okay. Maybe even sticky it there.

On the other hand, why are these called "pixel fonts" if they are TTFs?


Re: UTF8 ready pixel fonts
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jun 2022, 03:17 »
I was thinking more about a new board for assets, like characters, backgrounds, music, and things like that.

Not sure I understand the question on pixel fonts though. They look pixel art? The format is not the point at all, it's the looks and being utf8 compatible.


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Re: UTF8 ready pixel fonts
« Reply #3 on: 27 Jun 2022, 06:37 »
I think "Modules, Plugins & Tools" is fine, as fonts may fall in the "Tools" category. Well, technically they're assets, but fonts are not "more creative stuff" like graphics and sound, etc. but are something more or less integral to the backbones of adventure games (unless you make a game without text). Especially since the recent name change of that board.

A separate board for posting assets could be nice, if we're as active a community as years before. I wonder how much content there will be nowadays. I'll expect this therad and Eric Matyas's nice stuff could belong there, but what's more? Probably too thin in content to dedicate a whole board for.

That said, IMO this is also fine to stay here in Engine Development, as game production aside, these fonts can also be used for testing the Unicode functionality of the editor and the engine. I think if there is no technical difficulties (for this I mean something like having to add more licenses to the package) we may even include them in the AGS package (or have links in the manual or even in the editor itself for people to download these files, especially when there are license problems) so users can start right away.