Willy Beamish visiting RotN?

Started by DBoyWheeler, Wed 20/05/2020 21:32:04

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A random thought had come to me.

What if Willy Beamish (a lesser known adventure game character) visited Reality-on-the-Norm?  Just a random thought, but perhaps something to get those ideas going.


Idunno, what if?

Is there a Nintari championship? Do Willy and Brianna run away to go to California Reality-On-The-Norm and on the way they meet another like minded person. Then eventually they run into Lucas George who defeats them with the power of his Power Glove Mighty Gauntlet? Once they get to RON, will Super Mario Brothers 3 Wonder Carlos Cousins 4 be revealed?

Or would it not be a mix of Willy Beamish and The Wizard set in RON? Who knows?

Retro Wolf

What if he goes back in time for some reason, and his best friend is a talking pie.


Maybe he meets a zombie version of the school bully, Spider--brought back to life by Dr. Die Vie Ess.

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