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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Onion_Rings|Onion Rings]]
*[[Onion_Rings|Onion Rings]]

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Mittens is the annual real-life meeting for adventure game creators mostly from the AGS community. The first Mittens was held in 2002, and it took place in Laleham, England, and was organised by m0ds. There has been a Mittens gathering since then, in various places in Europe and once in the United States. The next Mittens will be held in Benidorm, Spain, in 2006.

The original Mittens campsite has now been revisted as Brittens in 2004 and 2005. Other local AGS community meet-ups have also been arranged or suggested, often with names related to Mittens, such as Lapaset.

The name Mittens comes from a suggestion by Captain Mostly.



The following people have attended Mittens so far (times attended in paranthesis):

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