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AGS Stickam Room is a (sic) AGS-related videochat Room found in Stickam (sometimes known as Suckam). Through time it moved to Tokbox, though after a while due to connection issues and lack of standard users, the idea has been abandoned, and Stickam regulars mostly roam the AGS-IRC Channel. The Stickam idea was originated by the Lord of Darkness himself, also known as Haddas. It is also important to say the whole idea behind the standard Hourgame competition (now part of the competitions forums), started in Stickam, by the 4 horsemen of the Stickapocalypse. Those are: IndieBoy, Sylvr, Ghost and Bicilotti. The competition was called SHAG (Stickam Hour AGS Game) by Indieboy.

Famous Stickamites

It is known that several AGS people that were put off from the IRC idea, have welcomed the webcam based AGS chatroom very heartily. Those people frequented the room quite long enough to gain the respect of others. Those are: Spaceboy, Babar, ProgZMaX, Boyd, Pilf, Inkoddi, bicilotti, Sylver, Indieboy, Grundislav, Dualnames, Obi Leo, Jon, Ben304, Ryan Timothy, Buckethead, LGM, Dan, Akatosh, Sinsin, SSH, Ivy, CodeJunkie, Stupot, voh, PederJohnsen, One Dollar, Nightfable, monkey_05_06.


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