Blackmail In Brooklyn

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Blackmail in Brooklyn
AuthorShane Stevens
Designed byShane Stevens
Backgrounds byDavid Scott
Music byShane Stevens
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Blackmail In Brooklyn is the second One Room One Week Competition game released by ProgZmax.

The Story

A gang of thugs led by Slash have taken over Brooklyn, NY, and it's time for old heroes to return to battle! Led by Pelvis (a parody of Elvis Presley), the heroes must battle through the tough New York streets to reach Slash and end his reign of terror.


  1. Entirely scripted using Rawdraw
  2. An action game where you can punch, kick, jump and use special moves!


Blackmail in Brooklyn was created for the One Room One Week Competition and due to the lack of time the three additional playable characters were cut from the game (Bruise, a parody of Bruce Lee, Nunchuk, a parody of Chuck Norris, and Master T, a parody of Mr. T). The game is also confined to one level, though it is rather large and even has a boss whose design is a nod to River City Ransom.