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Joseph DiPerla joined the actual AGS community in around May to September of 1997. He was only 16 years old back then.

Joseph DiPerla's family comes from Naples, Italy. More accurately, from a town called Torre Del Greco. His entire family was born there. He was born February 12th, 1981 in Brooklyn NY. He lived there until October 2001, only a month after 9/11. He then moved to New Britain CT, which is where he currently lives. He lives with his older brother.

Early AGS years

During his first years, Joseph DiPerla was mostly known for making a list of suggestions and posting it on the boards on the AC/AGS website or e-mailing Chris Jones with his new ideas. This reputation has stuck with him until this day unfortunatly. He is trying to make the AGS Community see otherwise.

Favourite games

Joseph always admired the LucasArts games and Sierra games. His favorites, in order, were:

  1. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
  2. Day of the Tentacle
  3. Maniac Mansion
  4. Police Quest 2
  5. Police Quest 3
  6. Police Quest 1
  7. Space Quest 1
  8. Space Quest 5
  9. Space Quest 6
  10. Flight of the Amazon Queen.

Adventure games were not his only love of Video Games. He also loved playing Text Adventure games such as Infocom's Arthur: Quest for Excalibur and Questprobe's Spider-Man.

Favorite AGS Games

  1. The New Adventures of Zak McKracken
  2. Maniac Mansion Deluxe
  3. Garfield
  4. The Adventures of Fatman
  5. Rob Blanc
  6. Rob Blanc II
  7. Larry Vales 1
  8. Mind's Eye
  9. Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
  10. Robotragedy

There are many other AGS games he loves, such as The adventures of JP & Cosmo and several RON games. Those above are his 10 favorites.

Simpsons project

After his Zak McKracken/DOTT project failed, he decided to start working on a game where he can control the graphics the way he wanted. He decided to work on the Simpsons game, Springfield Woes. He would use the Simpsons Cartoon Studio and Virtual Springfield along with Episode rips and image scans to create this game.

He released his first demo of the game. It was decent. But the resolution of the game was horendous, and Homer did not seem to walk or lie down right.

He uploaded the demo, but with time, he abandoned the site and the demo was lost forever.

He then scrapped the game entirely. He began working on it again, but he started from scratch. The project contained many rooms and characters. Still, some modifications were needed. When AGS had support for templates, Joseph converted and bareboned his game into a template. He felt that the entire community would benefit from this game template. He felt that if the majority of the work was done, more people would be influenced to create their own Simpsons Games.

Noone ever has though. With time he keeps updating his template and leaving it to be available for the community to use when they please. His two major Simpsons games in the works are: "Springfield Woes", which is a grand adventure; and his other, "Where's Maggie?", which will be much like "Maniac Mansion" and "Day of the Tentacle".

If you would like to check out his Simpsons game, you can click here.

Other projects

Joseph DiPerla has also worked on other projects. One of which was Translating his Lucasfans "New adventures of Zak McKracken" into Italian. Yes, He is fluent in Italian.

He is also one of the Beta Testers for the Star Wars game Shadow of the Empire being developed by Dusk. He has also worked for a brief period of time on an older version of the Demo Game for AGS, but due to time restrictions with his real life, he had to abandon the team regretfully. He sincerely apologizes.

Other works also include some tutorials he made here

Old Abandoned Projects

Zak McKracken 2/ Day of the Tentacle 2 Crossover game

Current Games in Production

Current Releases