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The Simpsons game template was created by Joseph DiPerla. The template allows a user to make his/her own point and Click, first/third person, Adventure Game. It was created with the hope that at one point, many AGS users would create their own Simpsons Games and/or Episodes through AGS.

This Game Template was mostly inspired by InstaGame.

Thanks also goes to Scummbuddy for his help.

Where do I get if from?

  • Well, download the template from the Official AGS games page here --Dont forget to Vote and add helpful comments.
  • Or just goto the main page here at his website.

How was it being made

Main Features

  • 42 rooms, most of which are already connected to eachother.
  • Several possibilities for Sub-Rooms


  • Simpsons Living Room
  • Marge/Homer's Bedroom
  • Simpsons Kitchen
  • Main Entrance in the Simpsons Home
  • Simpsons Dining Room
  • 2 Upstairs Hallways in the Simpsons Home
  • The Simpsons Back Yard
  • Bart's Treehouse
  • The front door of the Simpsons House
  • Evergreen Terrace/Simpsons Front Yard
  • Barts Room
  • Marge and Homer's Bathroom
  • Maggies Room
  • Lisa's room
  • Flanders Front Yard
  • Ned's Lounge room in the basement
  • Outside Springfield elementary
  • Springfield Elementary Classroom
  • Alien Ship
  • A room of the church with all the guests there
  • Krusty's Stage
  • Krusty Lu Studio's parking lot
  • Krusty Lu Studio's Control Room
  • Krusty Lu Studio's Brochman Set
  • Krusty Lu Studio's Main Hallway, Receptionist desk
  • Abe Simpsons Room at the Retirement Castle
  • Inside Moe's Tavern
  • Moe's Back room
  • Noiseland Arcade
  • Springfield Cemetary
  • Kwik E Mart Roof
  • Kwik E Mart Back Freezer
  • Inside the Kwik E Mart
  • Front of the Kwik E Mart Store
  • Mr. Burns Mansion Gate
  • Mr. Burns Office
  • Nuclear Powerplant Main hallway
  • Sector 7G
  • Reactor Room
  • Map of Springfield to travel with


Inventory Items

Still to be done/fixed