Lee & Perrin: Paranormality

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Lee & Perrin: Paranormality is the title of an AGS game originally being developed by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, and now under development at LaceyWare Interactive. While a demo of the original Yahtzee design was released, the project is currently in limbo, though an eventual release is still planned.

The Yahtzee Demo

The original demo's plot was extremely simple, in keeping with the early nature of the product. In it the player took control of Lee, and had to complete one objective: recovering the duo's mail. This was achived by discovering the locked nature of the mailbox, asking Perrin for the key and then unlocking the mailbox and returning to the office. Three rooms were navigable. At the end of the demo, Lee and Perrin entered a mysteriously-appeared portal in their office. No further locations were revealed in the demo.


During development of the full version of Paranormality, Croshaw decided to stop making games (though he has since been responsible for the development of several other titles).

The LaceyWare Interactive Game

When Croshaw cancelled the full game, LaceyWare approached him and asked if they might complete the game. Blessing granted, pre-production on the game began.

Since that time a number of other projects, as well as several rewrites of the plot, have delayed the project's production. It is currently unknown when Lee & Perrin: Paranormality will see the light of day, though LaceyWare Interactive maintains that the project should still be classed as "In Production".